Rams set their sights on final scrimmage of Fall Camp

Eddie Herz

With 13 days of fall camp in the books, the Colorado State Rams are set for their final official scrimmage before the 2018-2019 season.

Fans are unable to attend the scrimmage, as it is closed to the public. However, head coach Mike Bobo anticipates creating an in-game scenario in order to prepare his players for their first game against Hawaii on August 25.


New players especially should be able to benefit significantly from the scrimmage. Considering Bobo has decided to conduct essentially the same pre-game rituals that he will during the season, freshmen will get a sense of what to expect before a game.

“We’ll pretend like we are at the hotel,” Bobo said. “We’ll have our meetings like Friday night before the game, just like the coordinators would do it, just like the special teams guys would do it. So they will be used to it when we play Hawaii in two weeks.”

Bobo’s ultimate goal for the scrimmage will be to see some major improvements from the open scrimmage one week ago.

Defensively, CSU’s coaching staff did not see enough strip attempts in the first scrimmage. So, that will be something they will be looking for on Saturday.

Offensively, the emphasis will be on who can prove that they are capable of executing at a high level. Giving players a chance to make big plays in order to establish their explosiveness and play-making ability will be an area of focus as well.

The biggest issue for the offense during the first scrimmage was missing assignments.

Collin Hill, who is getting closer to recovering from a torn ACL he suffered last March, may have the opportunity to earn some reps in the scrimmage. The quarterback did not participate in the open scrimmage last week. Though he may get a portion of work in, Bobo is still handling the situation very cautiously.

“There might be some control situations where he plays but I haven’t decided yet,” Bobo said. “It would probably be one of those situations (controlled), but not a drive because he’s just not ready for that yet.”

It also appears to be doubtful that cornerback Christian Cumber suits up for the scrimmage. Other recent injuries include safety Jadon Walker, offensive lineman Jeff Taylor, and tight end Griffin Hammer.

Walker recently hurt his shoulder, but may still participate in a non-contact uniform. This is so the Rams’ coaching staff can analyze how well Walker is able to handle reps given the setback.


Though Taylor’s status was up in the air earlier in the week, the lineman has recovered from his bumps and bruises and will in fact play in the scrimmage. Hammer, however, will be forced to sit out of the scrimmage with an injury.

After being forced to watch the first scrimmage from the sidelines with a groin injury, Preston Williams will be ready to go on Saturday. Williams was limited during the first few practices following last Saturday’s scrimmage. But, the receiver participated in practice fully for the last three days and has fully recovered.

Offensive lineman Ben Knox, who was limited to 15 reps in the first scrimmage, will definitely be seeing more action on Saturday as well.