Rocky Mountain Showdown still a thriving rivalry

Round 88 of the Rams versus the Buffs is coming soon.

Colorado State University and the University of Colorado will travel to Denver to take part in the 88th Rocky Mountain Showdown Friday, Sept. 2 at Sports Authority Field.


The first time the two schools met on the football field was 1893, which resulted in a blowout 70-6 win for CU. In fact, it took CSU 15 tries to beat CU in the Showdown, finally accomplishing the feat Oct. 12, 1912, with a 21-0 victory.

Colorado Sate hasn’t seen much success against Colorado in the series’ history. The all-time record is heavily favored towards the Buffaloes, 63-22-2.

Despite the lopsided past, the Rocky Mountain Showdown has never been more competitive. Since the 1999 season, CU holds a 10-7 record over CSU, but the teams have each won two of the past four games with CSU holding a 104-102 scoring advantage. What was once a cupcake game on CU’s schedule has now become a legitimate rivalry over the past decade and a half.

With the Showdown on Friday, Colorado State doesn’t want to prepare any differently for a rivalry matchup with CU than they would any other opponent, but coach Mike Bobo will admit there is an added element due to the fact that it is CU.

“It’s one game out of 12,” Bobo said in his Monday press conference. “But you’re not naïve enough not to say that it’s an important game for our fan base. It’s an important game for the state of Colorado. It’s an important game to get off on the right track. You’ve got all those emotions and it’s a big game, and that’s what you ought to want to play in. I’m excited that it’s the first game. I’m excited for our guys to see how they respond.”

It will be a quick first test for a young CSU team, but the Rams appear to be happy that the Showdown is their first step.

“It’s always a huge rivalry game for us,” tight end Nolan Peralta said. “We don’t like them, they don’t like us. There is always a little extra motivation to play this game. It almost feels like a championship game atmosphere because we know we’re gonna get their best effort and we know they’re gonna get ours. It’s fighting for the state. It’s a game you love to play in and all our fans come out to so we’re real excited.”

The Rocky Mountain Showdown always brings out the best in the fans of both teams and offers them the chance to hoist the Centennial Cup. Bragging rights are on the line and there is no doubting the Showdown is a little bit more than just a game for the respective schools.

Coach Mike Bobo has had his fair share of rivalry matchups from his time spent at the University of Georgia. He said that he cannot compare the Showdown to any SEC rivalry games he has experienced, since he’s only in his second Showdown ever, but does acknowledge the opportunity rivalry games present.

“We’re glad to be apart of (the Rocky Mountain Showdown). We’re looking forward to the challenge, cause it is going to be a big challenge,” Bobo said. “It’s like a lot of rivalry games I’ve been a part of in the past. Lot of passion, both sides play really hard and anything can really happen in a rivalry game.”


Colorado State doesn’t like the University of Colorado, and the University of Colorado doesn’t like Colorado State; that’s what a rivalry is all about.

“We want be beat Colorado, and Colorado wants to beat Colorado State,” Bobo said.

Collegian Sports Editor Chad Deutschman can be reached by email at or on Twitter @ChadDeutschman