Pinkelman’s Olympic Journal: Reality check and Olympic check-in

Collegian Staff

The last time we heard from Colorado State University’s own Olympian Ben Pinkelman, he was getting ready for Rio, where he will be representing the USA in Men’s rugby sevens. Now, Pinkelman is in the Olympic City and reality is starting to hit…

Olympic check-in is where it all starts to become real.
We started with a program in the morning led by former Olympic athletes who shared their inspiring stories, as well as the rules of the games. Sitting in the room with water polo, track and field, and fencing athletes while these athletes shared their stories gave me chills.
The next part of check in is the fitting for all of our gear. We were pushed from room to room getting fitted by different companies and doing media things. We actually headed to Rio that same night in an overnight flight so there was not much time to think about what lied ahead but you do feel really proud.  Especially when you get a police escort to the airport, escorted through lines in security and your own lounge near the gate. 
I have never experienced anything like it in my life. It is a huge honor and it makes it feel like all the work you have put in over the years is approaching the climax.  
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