Colorado State snowboard team making noise in nationwide RedBull competiton

Colton Strickler

The Colorado State snowboard team is still hard at work.

After entering the RedBull Bracket Reel Snow video editing contest back in December, the Rams are currently in the final four. The competition began with 16 schools from around the country making videos that meet requirements RedBull gave to each team.


Each school had to produce and edit a video for each category, and the team whose video earned the most votes via social media polls advanced to the next round.

After defeating West Virginia University in the first round and narrowly edging out the University of Massachusetts in the second round, the Rams are currently up against “The Bozeman Sewer Mutants” of Montana State University.

CSU snowboard team’s video it produced to go up against Montana State’s in the third round of the RedBull contest. From

The Rams are hanging tough despite this being the first year they have taken part in the competition. They are the only snowboard team remaining. The other three remaining schools are all ski and snowboard teams. 

“It’s not really surprising to see us up there,” team manager Alden Truesdale said. “I knew we had it in us the whole time.”

The final videos that CSU submits to RedBull are not easy to produce. Between the planning, shooting and editing, the videos can take up to several days to complete the final product. 

The Rams’ latest video had to be art-related, and according to Truesdale, it was the toughest of all three to make.

“It required a bunch of choreography and everyone had to land their tricks all together,” Truesdale said. “It speaks to the ability of the team. When we all kind of need to turn on, we can.”

The team has their work cut out for them as they attempt to slay the giant that is Montana State.  


The Sewer Mutants are the toughest opponents the Rams have faced thus far, and arguably the toughest opponent in the entire competition. Montana State has steamrolled their match-ups, defeating Penn State 2,859 votes to 1,401 and the University of Colorado snowboard team 3,306 votes to 1,425. 

Despite the challenge, Truesdale and the rest of the team refuse to back down.

“We need the student body to come together,” Truesdale said. “We want to make it to the finals and we know we have the stuff to do it.”

If the Rams manage to scrape out two more wins, they will receive an “all-expenses paid snow trip for the experience of a lifetime,” according to the contest description on

Voting for the third round ends Thursday night. To cast your vote, go to

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