Highlights from CSU football’s press conference following Tulsa game

Emmett McCarthy

Head football coach, Jim McElwain, addresses the media during his weekly press conference on Monday. (Photo credit: Keegan Pope)
Head football coach Jim McElwain addresses the media during his weekly press conference on Monday. (Photo credit: Keegan Pope)

Highlights from Monday’s press conference with head coach Jim McElwain, linebacker Max Morgan and receiver Charles Lovett.

Injury updates:


McElwain: Garrett [Grayson]’s sore. Not as sore as he was last week. We’ll probably limit him today and tomorrow.

Treyous [Jarrells] we should get back in the fold. We have got to see how that leg is. Dee Hart is sore but he will practice. [Jasen Oden] is fine.

Nu’uvali Fa’apito we will take strides with coming off of that concussion to do some football-related activities. We’re anticipating he should be able to go in this game.

Preparing for conference play:

McElwain: We dug ourselves a hole early in the year with an early conference game. As this program develops I think it’s about understanding that it’s a huge game, and why is it a huge game? Because it’s our next one.

Morgan: It’s teams you do see every year, so it is a pride thing.

Lovett: We mark our own territory from now on. We play some great teams in our conference, but we know what we have to do. The ball is in our court.

On what to expect against Nevada:

McElwain: On defense they have some real fire-breathers up front. I think this game is going to come down to the trenches. They do an outstanding job of limiting teams in the red-area. They’re committed to stopping the run and they do a good job of that.

Containing Nevada’s dual-threat quarterback Cody Fajardo:


McElwain: They’ve evolved offensively because Fajardo is healthy now. He was playing on one leg last year. We’ve got to be able to establish some ball control and keep the ball away from them.

Morgan: I don’t know if we have faced that complete of a dual-threat quarterback this year, but defensively it comes down to just doing your job. Not worrying about his feet if you’re a coverage guy and not worrying about his arm if you’re a pass rush guy.

Finding more success on the road:

McElwain: It ain’t a vacation. When you go on the road, you’re not in search of Wally World. You’re actually there on a business trip. I think our guys have understood the mindset it takes.

On Rashard Higgins’ development:

McElwain: I think what he’s learning is the detail it takes to be successful on every single play.

Lovett: The way he practices, you wouldn’t think he had a big game. You see that in a lot of great receivers and I think that’s just going to help him grow and stay hungry, because I know he wants more.

On Higgins’ personality and “Hollywood” flare:

McElwain: There’s certain guys that when you’re around them they make you feel good. Rashard’s one of those guys. He can affect people around him in a positive way.

Lovett: Some people probably don’t like it, but some people love it, and the coaches love it because he’s performing on Saturdays. You need a little swagger as a receiver.

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