Q&A: CSU football head coach and players on latest win and moving forward

The CSU football team is coming off a 66-42 win against New Mexico, where running back Kapri Bibbs rushed for 291 yards and six touchdowns and quarterback Garrett Grayson threw for 302 yards and three touchdowns in the offensive shootout with the Lobos.

Check out what head coach Jim McElwain, defensive back Trent Matthews and tight end Crockett Gillmore had to say at Monday’s press conference before the team travels to Logan, Utah on Saturday to take on the Utah State Aggies.


Q: Since Bibbs was (Mountain West Conference) offensive player of the week again, who was your offensive player of the week?

Mac: He was one three. Weston Richburg, who, let me tell you something, you want to watch an impressive game film — watch that. Don’t look at anything else; watch that. (And offensive lineman) Ty Sambrailo.

Q: How much has (Bibbs’) emergence had to do with the big jump this team has made offensively?

Mac: He’s a guy that can run behind his pads. He understand now the patience it takes to match the discipline of your footwork with the front and he’s got a God-given ability to finish, and when you have a component like that, that helps.

Q: What is it that makes Utah State’s defense so good?

Mac: I think the biggest thing is they’re big and they’re physical and they play with power. They control the line of scrimmage, both in pass and run, and that’s big.

Q: Why are your reasons for not letting first-year players (like Kapri Bibbs) speak to the media?

Mac: Here’s probably the biggest thing — in each individual person’s development, when they are first-years in a program there are a lot of things that go on in a young man’s life. Part of those are taking care of academics, part of those are adjusting socially from an area that they have never seen before and part of the rite of passage is for the guys that have been in the program and understand what it is to be ingrained in the green and gold and my biggest thing is to help the development of a young man in his life.

Q: How nice would it be to get that win now against Utah State instead of having to wait until the last game of the season and having all of the pressure ride on that one game?

Trent Matthews: Yeah, it would be nice and that’s what we’re hoping for and if we don’t then we still have another one to play for but right now, yes, we are looking to get this one done right now.


Q: How frustrating was it to watch defensive game film from what happened on Saturday?

Trent Matthews: It was real difficult, it was a little messy. Watching the film, we just need to minimize a lot of those key option plays that led to touchdowns but what I saw positive from watching that film was we got the stops when we needed them.

Q: How meaningful is it for you as a senior to have possible bowl eligibility with two games left to play?

Crockett Gillmore: It’s very meaningful. This was the goal since I came here, this was our goal to become a consistent, winning championship-type caliber team and to finally have a chance as a senior, it’s good to be one of the seniors that kind of changed the program.

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