Rego: What’s your fetish: Clothing

Shay Rego

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Fetishes may seem like a taboo subject, but they’re much more common than we may think. In one Canadian study’s population sample, nearly half of their participants admitted to having a fetish. 


College students’ curiosity and sexual exploration can increase curiosity in fetishism. From a sample of college students in a study conducted by Harvard, 22% said they were interested in fetishes, and 43% said they have or believe they have a fetish.

Fetishism is defined as a form of sexual behavior in which gratification is linked to an abnormal object, activity, part of the body, etc.

A clothing fetish is defined as a fixation on clothing, such as a specific article of clothing or a certain style of clothing. Individuals with clothing fetishism tend to find sexual arousal from the aesthetic value of a particular item, the feel of the garment, the visual stimulation of seeing it on their partner or the connotations specific clothing has.

Underwear fetishism

The underwear fetishism, or panty fetish, is defined as a sexual interest or arousal specifically from women’s underwear, typically a fetish found in men. According to the International Journal of Impotence Research, about 12% of fetishists enjoy underwear fetishism.

A 2014 study done by the Oita University Faculty of Medicine in Oita, Japan, found that a potential cause for an underwear interest is decreased blood flow to the brain. The study focused on finding a biological explanation for this panty obsession and found that subjects who had an underwear fetish also had decreased blood flow in the temporal and occipital lobes compared to individuals without such a fetish.

Latex fetishism

A latex fetish is defined as a sexual preference for rubber latex items, typically latex clothing or items. People may enjoy latex clothing on themselves, on others or both. It’s also not just about the look; some even enjoy it specifically for the smell. Those who partake in this fetish are sometimes called rubberists.

The tight look of latex on the body can be most appealing, and some even view it as a second skin, therefore viewing their subject wearing latex as naked. Some use latex in the form of bondage as well, as it can be constricting and add aesthetic appeal.

There are many more types of clothing fetishes such as spandex fetishes, jacket fetishes or skirt fetishes. The creativity and interest are endless.”

Uniform fetishism

A uniform fetish is defined as being sexually aroused by someone in a uniform. The “Visual Dictionary of Sex” reports that some of the most common uniform types are cheerleader, nurse, doctor, schoolgirl, police officer and military.

Depending on the uniform, having a partner in uniform for sex can symbolize anything from power play to a complete removal from one’s own reality. This fetish also goes hand-in-hand with role-playing. There’s a lot of crossover in this one.

Shoe fetishism

The shoe fetish is defined as a sexual arousal for particular shoes. Sometimes the fetish can exist alone, which shows sexual attraction to the shoes themselves or merely enhanced sexual attraction to a partner wearing a specific shoe.


There’s also a connection that people who have a pre-existing foot fetish may also have a shoe fetish.

Glove fetishism

Glove fetishism is defined as “an individual (being) sexually stimulated, often to the point of obsession, by another person or oneself wearing gloves on their hands.” This relates closely to the latex fetish, as some prefer a latex glove over a cotton glove, for example.

Gloves come in a variety of colors, textures and thicknesses. Some enjoy the visual or auditory stimulus they provide, while others like the feel of a gloved hand on their body. While gloves are used outside of the bondage community, some individuals also find more satisfaction from receiving a spanking with a glove than with a bare hand.

There are many more types of clothing fetishes such as spandex fetishes, jacket fetishes or skirt fetishes. The creativity and interest are endless.

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