LTTE: ‘What matters to students matters to us’ at Health Center

Guest Author

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Dear Editor,


After reading the column written by Alexandra MacDonald titled “If you’re unhappy with the Health Center, take action” published on Sept. 9, I want to address some misconceptions. 

Colorado State University’s Health Network is a nationally accredited organization committed to providing high-quality, compassionate care for all CSU students. Last year, we served 16,542 students in more than 103,000 total encounters. Our patient satisfaction survey, completed by a statistically significant percentage of students served, shows that 88% of students are highly satisfied with the services they received at CSU Health Network, and 93% of students felt listened to by their provider.

While we are proud of these high levels of satisfaction, we look deeply at all of the satisfaction survey feedback to find areas where we can improve student care.

We want to hear about your experiences at CSU Health Network, positive and negative.

In her column, MacDonald encouraged students to provide feedback about their experiences with on-campus medical services. As the interim executive director, I can assure you that CSU Health Network takes student feedback about all of our services, including medical and counseling services, very seriously. I want to emphasize the importance of student feedback and provide more details about how students can share their experiences with CSU Health Network. 

We provide multiple opportunities for students to share feedback. These include email invitations after every visit to CSU Health Network encouraging students to complete the online patient satisfaction survey, an online comments and suggestions form on our website and comment boxes at the reception desks.

The feedback we receive from students is shared with department leaders and reviewed by our leadership team. We use student feedback to amplify good work, investigate issues of concern and implement improvements.

My key message is this — what matters to students matters to us. We want to hear about your experiences at CSU Health Network, positive and negative. Your feedback is welcomed, encouraged and makes a difference as we work every day with our purpose of supporting student success through care for body and mind.  


Lori Lynn

Interim Executive Director


CSU Health Network