Rego: Scheduling sex can improve its quality

Shay Rego

Editor’s Note: The views expressed in the following column are those of the writer only and do not necessarily represent the views of The Collegian or its editorial board.

No matter how busy our schedules are, we all need a little bit of sexy time. Actually scheduling time to jump in the sack can improve the quality of the activity itself.


As college students our schedules are full of studying and exams, making it almost impossible to have time for fun. However, this may work to our advantage as scheduling time for sex with your partner or a hook-up may just improve the quality of the session.

We may already not be having as much sex as we think we do. According to the International Society of Sexual Medicine, only two percent of single men ages 18-24  and only five percent of single women ages 18-24 have sex four or more times per week.

While the thought of scheduling sex may seem weird and unspontaneous, a lot of people do it to get the job done. According to a study done by EdenFantasys, 52 percent of Americans admitted to scheduling time for sex.

Scheduling sex can be a good idea because it allows us to look forward to something and build anticipation. A study conducted by the journal Brain and Behavior found that the human brain rewards incentive affects the brains reward response. So, if the brain has something to look forward to it will feel more rewarded and pleased once it receives its reward solely because of the build-up and anticipation.

Another good reason for scheduling sex is because it allows us to mentally and physically prepare for the activity. A similar study by the journal Psychology Research showed that optimal preparedness for a task developed of divergent-thinking showed a rise in dopamine levels.

When you know the sex is coming, it allows us to get excited and attend to our pre-sex duties better. It’s also a huge relief knowing that there was ample time to prepare for the deed.

Making time means it will also, more likely than not, happen. Of course, things come up and plans change but scheduling sex can more than likely guarantee sex, at least more so than if it weren’t scheduled.

Random, fast-paced hookups don’t happen as often as we may think. A study by the Review of General Psychology found that only 34 percent of women and 61 percent of men engage in intercourse within a day of meeting a partner.

Over half of us, about 52 percent of Americans, admitted to scheduling time for sex.

A study by the Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care proposed that having control over a schedule is a factor that could lead to better commitment to the plan. A scheduled sex session gives for more probability than waiting around for the spur of the moment coitus or a random hookup.

For relationships, scheduling sex can also help to get things out of a rut. For people with busy schedules, purposefully setting aside time and knowing for sure can help take the pressure off of each other while ensuring it’s going to happen and bring the bang back.


The Journal of Sex Research conducted a study on how relationships specifically can gain sexual intimacy from a schedule. The findings essentially concluded that these sexually conscientious couples had better sexual function overall.

So whether it’s a quickie with your life long lover or a sex appointment with that Tinder flirt, scheduling the deed can elevate its consistency and improve its satisfaction levels. We have make time to jump in the sack.

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