Chatting with Chapman: The End

Chapman W.

Editor’s Notes: Traditionally graduating seniors working at The Collegian are given the chance to write a farewell note at the end of their tenure at CSU. 

I’m graduating from college in less than a week.


I’m still trying to get used to that knowledge. I’ve accepted a job offer, signed a new lease, cried at plenty of senior sendoffs, but I really haven’t come to terms with the fact that my four years at Colorado State University and my three and a half years with The Collegian are coming to an end.

I still remember the first day that I walked into the newsroom, bright eyed and bushy tailed. My freshman year was coming to a close, and I figured it was a good of a time as ever to get involved with student media since I had just declared my journalism major. I sat down with the old adviser, Neill, and we had a long chat about what I was doing with my life. He gave me the email of the editors, Danny and Katie, and after a meeting with Katie — more about Game of Thrones than journalism — I found myself working as a general reporter for the summer.

Since then, I’ve worked as an arts and culture reporter, photographer, videographer, social media editor and videography director. I’ve also hosted a cooking show for CTV, written a few articles for College Avenue Magazine and created three separate podcasts while working with KCSU.

I’ve made some content that I’ve been extremely proud of in my time with student media. Content that has somehow landed me a job in Aspen, Colorado doing a bit of everything that I love. And yet, the best part of working here by far has been the people.

So, thanks. Thanks to Katie Schmidt for always believing in me and getting me into social media. Thanks to Hannah McHugh (née Ditzenberger) for letting me pitch crazy ideas, including this column that I haven’t touched in a while.

Thanks to Erik Petrovitch for giving me a chance to help lead this paper, and to Julia Rentsch for inspiring me every day as my boss and for being my biggest supporter for the last year of my life. Thanks to Emma Iannacone for giving me a chance in front of the camera, and to Alec Erickson for always getting a beer and talking nerdy things for a half hour every week.

Thank you to Josh Kloehn and Rachel Telljohn for being the most amazing listeners, and of course a big thank you to Erin Douglas for getting me involved in this amazing cult and for being there every step of the way for the last 4 years.

Thank you to my parents, who are the biggest fans I have, and to my professors and–

Okay, I have to stop. Because I’m running out of words, and I’m crying while writing this, and there are far too many people who have been a part of my life in my time here and I hope that they all know how much I love and appreciate them.

I’d like to end this with a quote from Edward Teller, one that was read to me by my old choir instructor during a very rough patch of my freshman year, and that has stuck with me during my entire college experience.


“When you get to the end of all the light you know and it’s time to step into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing that one of two things shall happen: either you will be given something solid to stand on, or you will be taught how to fly.”

Former Collegian reporter Chapman Croskell can be reached on Twitter @Nescwick.