Letter: An open letter to Cory Gardner

Guest Author

Editor’s Note: The views expressed in the following letter to the editor are those of the writer only and do not necessarily represent the views of the Collegian or its editorial board.

I am deeply disappointed in your decision to vote for Betsy Devos as Secretary of the Department of Education. The only credible reason for your vote is that she is a billionaire who donated $48,000 to your campaign and will gratefully donate more in 2020. As a father of three young children, who you say will attend public schools, you should be concerned about her lack of qualifications. She has no experience in public education, she supports vouchers ( not a benefit to public schools) and she believes armed teachers will keep your children safer. Really, Senator, will you sleep better at night knowing your children’s teachers are carrying guns during the school day? Her confirmation hearing proved how ill-informed she was about the workings of public schools. That fact that she didn’t know that IDEA was a law is disgraceful.


Even more concerning to me is that your Fort Collins staff’s written comment to me, in your name, stated that you believe all education decisions should be made by parents and children. That is such a slap in the face to professional educators. Educators spend 4-6 years in higher education learning their craft. Parents are the experts on their children, but teachers are the experts on education. Please keep that straight.

Finally, you once again stated that the multitude of calls to your office were from paid protesters. Well, in Fort Collins 2,500 people marched on your office and they were all locals. Sixty to seventy residents have stood in the cold outside your office each Tuesday waiting for a turn to talk to your staff. I know this because I was there.

It’s clearly time for you to hold a Town Hall meeting in Fort Collins so you can meet your constituents. And it is time to grow a backbone, Senator.