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Brust: This election season shows how weak Americans are

I thoroughly believe that this election season has unveiled how pathetically weak the American people are.

I am not only talking about the onslaught of whiney liberals, I am speaking to all of America based on the reactions after the election regardless of party affiliation.


First let’s talk about the more obvious group: Liberals. As a liberal myself, I was devastated after the election. As a politically active, educated woman, it was heartbreaking for me to see Trump become the president elect after seeing his views on women and minorities throughout his campaign. That is fine; It is my right to be angry that my candidate didn’t win. It is the liberal Americans right to be angry about this election.

However, many of my fellow liberals took a different approach to not getting their way. Violent riots, burning of American flags, and even professors canceling class because of the outcome are just a few drastic measures taken after the election. I have even seen multiple petitions going around trying to abolish the electoral college. One of my teachers on Wednesday walked into class bawling.

I mean… seriously? We have become the equivalent of a child having a tantrum after being told he can’t have a sleepover.

On the republican side (more-so just the republicans who voted Trump) there has been a totally different attitude about the presidency. First of all, the complaining that you are being “discriminated against” for being a Trump supporter is flat out embarrassing for a couple reasons: 1. There are people in this country who will endure more discrimination than you could ever fathom after the election because of Trumps social impact and 2. Being discriminated against for your political choices is such a low form of bias it’s silly to be angry over it.

Also, although liberals are overly whiney this election season, stop trying to defend Trump when people say they cannot support him because of the way he treats minorities. If you are not a minority and you argue that Trump loves all minorities you cannot speak on the subject. Do not make people feel like they don’t matter because of their race, gender or religion. If you are either white, male, or both, do not think you can tell minorities how to feel about the outcome.

So here’s what I have to say to both sides of the spectrum.


If you are that disgusted by the outcome of the election; do something about it. Believe it or not, there are ways to protest decisions that are not whiney. If you are like me and cannot believe someone who degrades women is your president, you have the right to fight. Understand, though, that complaining on Facebook or burning an American flag isn’t fighting, its trying to get attention for doing nothing. Write a letter to legislature, join a rights movement, and use your talents to be a voice for the marginalized instead of complaining while the marginalized are struggling beyond your comprehension.



Understand that this election is like no other. The selection in candidates this year is unparalleled to anything seen in the past. Understand that liberals can be angry about this decision. Step into the shoes of a minority and understand that telling them to deal with their problems while having a president so vocal about his biases is very disheartening. To continuously belittle those who have less of a voice than you just means you’re a bully. Solidarity and understanding is strength; boasting and belittling others for their views is weakness.

Basically to sum it all up we need to stop whining. Liberals, if you’re going to fight against the presidency, do it with dignity. Conservatives, if you are going to celebrate your win, do not do it in a sore-winner fashion. Let’s make America less pathetic again.

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  • C

    CistrusNov 16, 2016 at 1:35 pm

    So, the white guy in Chicago that got beaten up by 5-7 black guys for the assumption he voted for Trump is okay? That is actually a hate crime, discrimination, and intimidation. Your comments towards Trump supports are not called for. You have not been in their shows, you do not know what forms of attacks they received. Trump supports have been abused more, than Hillary’s (though I will agree some Hillary received unneeded attacks, like that guy running down the stair tackling a Hillary Supporter. That is not called for.). Even Christians are being under siege for there values and morals in this election. Any form of discrimination, on any level, is still discrimination.

    It is not right that Hillary calls most of Trump’s Supporter as “Baskets of Deplorables”. That is mean spirited to the citizens of the USA that she wanted to be president. Hurtful, hateful, fear intimidation, and discrimination. Just to show how she was willing to degrade one group of people.

    I did not went out to cause harm to the environment, public/private property, animals, and/or people when Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, and now Trump winning. (My person will never win, except when the time comes at hand.) And yet, there were people who did not vote are being attacked as well. It is not fair that one group gets slandered were if that group does it back, all of hell opens up and that group is treated as trash.

    This nation should be “United States of America” not “Separatists States of America”. I see this country has been divided into groups for a while. The Americans spoke and they do want the change that Obama mentioned. Though, that change is not what he actually pointed out, but this is his change the people wanted. Liberals say the citizens of the US have evolved based on the special interest groups. This election shown that to be not the case. The citizens of the US have not evolved on special interest groups.

    I agree with Trump on one thing. Lets make America great again. We were a super powered nation and we can be once again. Have pride in this nation. This nation was formed because people wanted freedom and to have freedom of religion (not from religion, there was never separation of church and state, unlike in England years ago). It is okay and very health to have different opinions. Though it is not right to verbally abuse or physically attack someone based on different views, ideas, opinions, thoughts. We are to be United. There is a greater threat to the USA out there. A house divided can not stand.

  • A

    Alex SmithNov 16, 2016 at 12:52 pm

    “…complaining that you are being ‘discriminated against’ for being a Trump supporter is flat out embarrassing…”

    “Step into the shoes of a minority and understand that telling them to deal with their problems while having a president so vocal about his biases is very disheartening.”

    I think you inadvertently demonstrated the problem you’re talking about. Many Trump voters could swap out the phrase “Trump supporter” from your first quote with words like “race,” “religion,” “gender,” etc. to claim the contrary. Regardless of validity or logic, both sides have argued that they are victims of prejudice and discrimination (which, while probably not equivalent, is not necessarily untrue, either).

    I did not vote for Trump, so I can’t claim to know or reflect his voters’ views — but considering how voter turnout is not down (, I’d argue that evidence really is suggesting that the stigma for supporting Trump drove some voters “underground,” encouraging them to either lie or completely hide from the sample on earlier polls.

    All I can really feel confident saying is: be careful belittling anyone’s concerns, because it seems like a very quick and dangerous path to instability.

    Regardless, I still completely agree with the premise of this.