Concerning the On-Campus Stadium: A Letter from ASCSU

Guest Author

Editor’s Note: This letter was written by the ASCSU Executive Leadership.

The new on-campus, multi-use stadium is well on its way to completion as an on-budget project that will create classroom and alumni spaces, while enhancing the student tailgate and programming experience. 


Although this project will be completed in the coming year, there are still discussions taking place between student leaders, administrators and campus stakeholders in order to ensure safety, student-led program initiatives and opportunities for feedback. 

The Associated Students of Colorado State University (ASCSU) is working hard to ensure that all branches of our organization are informed on the contextual knowledge of this project and the processes in which student input can be received. Our goal is to further enhance the student experience and ensure that equitable resources are provided to all once this major project reaches completion. 

We are furthering the actions that have been in place by administration to create a constructive conversation surrounding the new stadium. Student representatives have been present on various game day committees and will continue talks with key stakeholders during this complex process. Members of our student body should voice their questions and bring solutions to ASCSU. Continued transparency surrounding this project is what the campus community wants, and ASCSU is eager to talk about what this looks like. 

ASCSU is urging students to come forward with not only concerns, but also fact-driven solutions and open ears surrounding the game day experience – everything from tailgating to parking to safety and access.  

We are working on behalf of the student voice to inform and educate about what these game day experiences will look like and how they will impact the CSU students next year, both on and off campus. 

ASCSU wants to make sure that what is best for the CSU community is implemented. Whether this means increasing conversations surrounding mobility, gathering input from students living in the residence halls, or contributing to the tailgating experience, we as campus leaders are here to advocate on behalf of students. 

Our end goal is for the game day experience to be a valuable and enjoyable time for all parties. We want to remind students that ASCSU will always ensure they are heard throughout this incredibly complex process. Students should feel pride in such a large project, and excitement for what is to come. All voices are welcome at the ASCSU table where students can make a change and empower others to speak their minds.