CampusView: Would Hillary Clinton make a good president?

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Opinions for:

H-Rod is my homie. It’s pretty great that we’re finally going to have a female president. It send a great message to our young women that they can finally be president too. Plus, she isn’t Donald Trump. What isn’t to love?


-Anonymous, Senior

Hillary Clinton is the only candidate with actual experience. She has worked in politics her entire life, stemming from her days as senator and her days as secretary of state. She has comprehensive plans regarding taxation, foreign policy, and social issues. She also has well thought out policies addressing business and job growth in this country. For example, she plans to implement an exit tax on businesses that try to leave the U.S. She opposes unnecessary restriction of women’s reproductive health access and she doesn’t believe in trickle down theory economics, which clearly doest and hasn’t worked.

A lot of people will say she’s too progressive, or that she’s a flip flopper, but the fact is, she has been in politics for decades. Under Clinton, nothing will change, while all the good things that have been around in America for the last thirty years will remain. She will maintain the same status quo that we’ve had, which is honestly really good. Sure, our country has seen its ups and downs, but we have always fluctuated. Our standard of living is astronomically higher than most places in the world. Nothing drastic is going to happen because of her presidency. She is the quintessential, ideal politician that has been through and seen the American way of politics from the inside and out. Instead, we will finally get a woman president, move forward on social change, and keep a racist tyrant out of office.

-Anonymous, Senior

Opinions against:

If I had to guess, all of the ‘opinions for’ Hillary say something along the lines of “She’s not Trump” or “She’s a woman.” Really? That’s the best you have? If you cant vote for your own candidate based on their merits as a human being, your candidate sucks. Also, aren’t SJW liberals the one’s always telling us that gender doesn’t matter and that gender is made up by society? If that was really true, then why does Hillary being the first woman president even matter? Gender is made up and the points don’t matter in 2016. If she is the first female president, I would be embarrassed that she is the best one we could come up with.

-Anonymous, Junior

Hillary Clinton is a lying, scheming, slime bag of a liar that gives our country a horrible reputation. Many people will say that if you elect Trump, you will be saying that its okay to a misogynistic racist. Well, if you elect Clinton, you’re saying that it’s okay to be a lying, law breaking, evidence deleting, soldier killing failure at working in government. Her policies are terrible and incoherent, just like when she said she would raise taxes on the middle class and everyone cheered her on. She also put her plan to defeat ISIS on her own public website. Pretty sound logic form someone that let four soldiers die in Benghazi. She also says that she’s going to break up the big banks right? Except big banks are her biggest donors! She gets paid hundreds of thousands of dollars just to speak to these bankers behind closed doors. You really think she’s going to try and break them up? Also say goodbye to your second amendment rights, which she wants to completely take away, as revealed in one of thousands of hacked wikileaks emails, including the fact that her staffers purposefully incited violence at Trump rallies to make Trump supporters look bad.

Hillary supporters are sheep who have no idea that she sees them as merely tools as a means to her own end – she won’t do shit for them, just like she hasn’t done shit for anybody in any public office she’s held. It’s all cronyism at this point, welcome to the American oligarchy, where the same rich families control us for decades.

-Anonymous, Senior


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