LTTE: Tres Santos responds to Todos Santos articles

Guest Author

Letter to the Editor
Rocky Mountain Collegian January 20, 2016

As a resident of Todos Santos and project director of Tres Santos, I’m compelled to address the inaccuracies in Skylar (sic) Leonard’s articles on Todos Santos, the Tres Santos development and the role of CSU in the community. It’s clear that Mr. Leonard was hoodwinked by several professional activists who, for their own selfish reasons, don’t want to see any progress in our community.


Mr. Leonard erroneously reports that CSU cannot publish research or conduct work that could negatively impact MIRA. This claim is patently false. In fact, the article goes on to debunk this claim through email communications between CSU and MIRA. Why give credence to a baseless claim from a biased source?

In “Protesting fishermen highlight possible environmental harm from housing development,” Mr. Leonard includes the most egregious falsehood pedaled by the activists and their leader, John Moreno – that the government-approved environmental report, or MIA, is somehow illegitimate. Mr. Moreno’s only basis to make this claim is that his other tactics to stop our progress have failed. The assertion is also patently false.

Finally, and most importantly, Mr. Leonard writes that Mr. Moreno represents the red fishing cooperative and is supporting their efforts during negotiations with Tres Santos. In fact, the red cooperative leaders recently told authorities that they didn’t want Mr. Moreno representing them because they didn’t think he had their best interests in mind.

Mr. Leonard’s readers deserve both sides of the story, not baseless claims that with the smallest amount of digging reveal themselves to be untrue. Instead of giving voice to self-interested parties who have little consideration for the community of Todos Santos as a whole, why doesn’t Mr. Leonard investigate the positive impacts that Tres Santos will have on our community, including more jobs, improved infrastructure and responsible development of a town we all love and want to protect? His readers deserve to hear that side of the story as well.

Ernie Glesner
Project Director, Tres Santos