Letter: Demonstration on privilege to be held Thursday

Guest Author

Thank you to Megan Burnett and information about an upcoming privilege demonstration

By The School of Social Work, Colorado State University


The School of Social Work would like to extend a thank you to Megan Burnett for her opinion article, “On the Topic of White Privilege.” This is a sensitive and complex topic – one that generates strong feelings and is often difficult to talk openly about. Megan’s article prompted a discussion within our School on the need to foster more understanding and awareness about Privilege, Intersectionality and how the presence of Social Injustice affects ALL of us.

The School of Social Work is hosting a Diversity Demonstration today, November 5 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. on the Lory Student Center plaza public area. This diversity event is designed to increase our campus awareness and understanding of diversity in the contexts of our lives. Please come by and join the conversation!

Understanding any kind of privilege requires us to consider the contexts and environments in which it occurs. We all have our individual identities – race, ethnicity, age, disability status, sex, gender identity, religious beliefs, social class, economic status, and so forth. How our identities affect our experiences and understanding depends also on our environment and how we experience belonging in our various domains (community, organization, social group, family, etc.). When and where do you experience being validated, valued and understood? Belong? And when and where do you not? Where are most people like you? When and where are they not? What is that like for you? How are you advantaged or disadvantaged in that particular circumstance?

It is the intersection of all of our identities and all of the domains in which we live our lives that contribute to our unique experiences and perspectives. How can we move toward understanding others’ differences and creating an environment that is socially just and honors these differences?

Please join School of Social Work Students, Faculty and Staff tomorrow at the Lory Student Center plaza public area!


9:30 – DEMONSTRATION MARCH OPEN TO ALL – gathering at the metal sculpture on Pitkin and Center Ave outside of the Education building.

10 -2 – Diversity Demonstration Hand-outs, educational flyers, student performers,

on the Plaza informational signs, activities that make an impact,

and representation from our student diversity programs and services.


2 pm – DEMONSTRATION MARCH OPEN TO ALL – leaving from the plaza

Highlighted events

10:00 – Acapella performance (or other)

10:30 – Shayla Monteiro – slam poetry

11:15 – Sam Denard – Spoken Word

11:45 – Privilege Walk across the Plaza

12:15 – Sarah Jensen – guitar/singing performance

We need more talented people to perform!

Please email Marie.Villescas@colostate.edu