Letter to the Editor: response to same-sex couples Our View

Here at CSU and in the US, we congratulate ourselves for being a ‘progressive generation’ and ‘being proactive towards changing archaic laws that unfairly discriminate against those who are different’.

This celebration is premature. In recent years, we’ve fought tooth and nail to withhold the most fundamental human rights.


Why, if the celebration in the February 10th ‘Our View’ is warranted, do we violate the bodies and every right of the most helpless human beings, the unborn? And why do we justify this violation through dehumanization?

This is not progressive; it is custom-made discrimination. It is done out of desperation and fear of the future, but it is still discrimination that has been tailored to suit our desires.

We condemn discrimination based upon skin color or religious background or sexual orientation. These are actual differences, but they do not justify discrimination. How, then, is it right or even logical to discriminate against our own blood by manufacturing differences that suit our purposes? Unless we acknowledge the rights of more than the chosen ones, we are not and will never be a “progressive generation”. We will instead remain a generation of stagnation.

There is a way forward. If we become the first pro-Life generation, we will be truly progressive in human rights. If we acknowledge the rights of the most helpless of human beings, we will be truly proactive against discrimination.

Judging by the premature celebration, I’d say that true progress towards human rights is something that we all ultimately want.

Cole Buckon