Response to Brittany Jordan’s Column on November 12

Brittany, I am confused by your connection with morality, Christianity and the GOP. Christian morality has proven to be mistaken throughout history and even today. What exactly is moral about the GOP/Christian right? Their unwavering support of the death penalty? Their desire to spend billions on the defense budget instead of the well being of US citizens? Their desire to force illegal immigrants to “self-deport?”

Their willingness to shut down the government and risk possible US default because they want to deny Americans health insurance? Denying rights to homosexuals?


I agree that Americans have always considered morality a major factor when they vote. This is precisely why Republicans have been losing elections.  America is a more compassionate nation than when Republicans governed.  We want homosexuals to have the same rights as everyone else. We consider illegal immigrants as regular human beings trying to feed their families. We believe in forgiveness and rehabilitation in place of harsh, unforgiving punishment, and most of all we are truly pro-life.

The GOP has always had the support of Christians. This is no coincidence. The Bible’s harsh view of the world perfectly explains this union of the unjust. The Bible has a policy of black and white justice. It deems that any transgression carry a punishment of death (Old Testament), or eternal suffering (New Testament). There is no room for dissent towards its totalitarian ruler. Hence the reason for the unyielding, no compromise, no mercy stance by the Republicans/Christian Right.

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