CSU Confessions diminishes class

CSU Confessions logoThe CSU Confessions Facebook page is one place that anyone can post their dark and dirty secrets anonymously. And yes, they are proving to be dark and dirty.

We are the paper that publishes RamTalk, but unlike the Confessions page, those that submit RamTalks — for some reason — have more taste and decency.


We are totally fine with being humorous and poking fun at ourselves, but within reason. This page is supposed to be representative of all of CSU, but it is making us all look like insensitive, binge-drinking nymphomaniacs! We are not suggesting that the page be taken down, but have some class, CSU.

We predict this page is going to be a short-lived fad. It’ll soon become something like “Texts from Last Night” or “My Life is Average.” However, we still see its content as being misrepresentative. So let’s step it up and show the community that we actually care about our reputation and ultimately about our university.

We expect some posts on the Confessions page about this Our View, but at least those posts will gear away from the ones about girls wearing yoga pants and the hot guy in the orange hoodie.