ASCSU discusses budget, new diversity and inclusion caucus

Ceci Taylor

graphic of podium with words "ACSCU coverage" written on it
(Graphic Illustration by Katrina Clasen | The Collegian)

The seventh senate session of the 50th Associated Students of Colorado State University started with a minute of silence in honor of veterans on Veterans Day. The senate then swore in two new senators and associates.

After the swearing-in, ASCSU President Hannah Taylor spoke about the new fireside chats with Collegian TV. Taylor said the chats are to keep students updated with what the student body government is working on. Taylor also said they are working to develop a strategy for combating the U+2 law in Fort Collins.


Associate Senator Jacob Leavitt talked about his work with getting more LGBTQ+ inclusive merchandise into the CSU Bookstore. Leavitt said he is working on getting Pride flags on various items in the bookstore.

Bill 5001 discussed the ASCSU budget. Two changes were made to the budget — one to the senate discretionary fund and one to the Office of Diversity & Inclusion. The senate discretionary fund was originally set at an error of $50,000 and was changed to $100,000. 

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion had their budget increased by $1,000, which was taken out of the Inclusive Excellence Committee budget. Taylor accepted the changes to the budget and the senate unanimously agreed on the changes. 

The senate then voted to discharge the bill “Establishment of the ASCSU Diversity and Inclusion Caucus as a Standing Body.” This means that the bill was brought out of committee and to the floor for consideration. 

As a student body that strives to support the student’s voice, this motion does exactly that.” -Diego Tovar, ASCSU senator

The senate also voted to separate the bylaws from Bill 5003, which is the ASCSU Diversity and Inclusion Caucus bill. This means the bylaws will be approved within the caucus instead and allowed the senate to vote on the creation of the caucus Wednesday night. 

Senator Diego Tovar talked about the importance of the creation of the caucus within ASCSU. 

“As a student body that strives to support the student’s voice, this motion does exactly that,” Tovar said. 

Senator Brandon Lowry said that the establishment of the caucus would allow for more inclusivity, which is a main goal within the 50th ASCSU senate. 

The legislation was passed with a vote of 27-0-4. 

Christian Dykson, speaker of the senate, expressed his gratitude for the support of the establishment of the new caucus. 


“This is the start to a lot of work,” Dykson said. “Please let us know if there is anything we can do to support you.”

Senator Lizzy Osterhoudt talked about the upcoming fall break and the impact the holiday has on Indigenous people. Osterhoudt asked the senate to remember that the holiday is a time of mourning for her people and represents genocide. Osterhoudt asked the senate to remember that when celebrating. 

Leavitt reminded the senate about Transgender Awareness Week beginning next week. 

Before adjourning, the senate joined together to sing the CSU Fight Song, which Dykson said has been an ASCSU tradition for a long time. 

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