Hans Hochheimer: Senator candidate for District 14

Ceci Taylor

Hans Hochheimer is running for the position of senator in Colorado District 14 as the election approaches. 

Hochheimer was a 2016 Republican candidate for District 14 of the Colorado State Senate and is running again in 2020. 


Hochheimer said he is running for the position because he believes all aspects of our lives should not be controlled by the government. 

“I don’t trust in words because they can tell you anything. I trust in action because that tells you everything.”-Hans Hochheimer, Republican District 14 senator candidate

“The governor, the last time I counted, had issued 176 executive orders,” Hochheimer said. “If that is not government control over all the aspects of our lives, I don’t know what is.” 

He said if elected he wants to prevent something like this from happening. He said he wants to introduce intelligence and sense into the assembly. 

“The governor can do something without any control of the House and the Senate,” Hochheimer said. “Everything is controlled by the Democrats. That is never good when one party determines everything.”

Hochheimer said he hopes Colorado State University students will grant him their vote because he thinks what is currently happening in the government is dangerous to the future of young people.

Hochheimer said he used to be a professor at CSU and was the chair of the physics department, so he knows the school well. 

“The education system is failing. Wherever you look, there are problems,” Hochheimer said. “I always like to go to the root of the problems. When you think about what is happening, the only thing which our friends from the other party are doing is more taxes. ‘Give me more money, and I will solve all your problems.'” 

Hochheimer also expressed concern over the rights of CSU students and said he believed free speech is limited on campus. 

“For example, when some conservative person wants to speak at the University it isn’t allowed,” Hochheimer said. “The students basically prevented it. The other thing is … professors now have to take tests (to see) if they have implicit bias.”

Hochheimer said his main goal in running for the senate is to bring common sense into it. 


“I believe we need people with integrity, honesty and courage because I don’t know where it is,” Hochheimer said. “We have here in Colorado the so-called Independence Institute, and they develop incredibly good ideas. When I was asking why none of their ideas were taken up by the House or the Senate, it was because they don’t have courage. They want to be reelected.” 

Hochheimer also said he wants to advocate for young people in the U.S. He said he came to the U.S. from Germany 34 years ago and has watched it change. He said he loves the U.S. and its constitution and wants to preserve them. 

“We have enormous problems,” Hochheimer said. “But I have done research and taught in many countries on three continents. America is still the best land you can live in. And you should fight for it. We all should fight for it.” 

Hochheimer also said that he is not fighting for himself but for the youth and their future as Americans. 

“It’s your future,” Hochheimer said. “It’s all about your future and what kind of America you want to live in. Do you want to live in the land of the free or in the land where every aspect of your life is controlled by the government? And believe me, I have seen it.” 

Hochheimer talked about his experience living through the Socialist Republic of Germany and doesn’t want the U.S. to follow. 

“I don’t trust in words because they can tell you anything,” Hochhemier said. “I trust in action because that tells you everything.” 

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