ASCSU campaign: Tristan Reyez

Alyssa Broyles

Having been senator for the College of Health and Human Sciences and the chair of the Internal Affairs Committee for the Associated Students of Colorado State University until February, Tristan Reyez believes he is more than qualified for the role of speaker of the senate.

Reyez’s campaign is centered around serving students and student voices.


“We, as students, have the power to change this campus for the better,” Reyez said in his campaign statement. “I am committed to following the principal that ASCSU is a place that serves all students. We can do better, act better, be better together.”

Reyez is currently the chair of the Colorado Student Government Coalition, a coalition of students across the state who serve in student government roles, adding to his student government experience.

Reyez claims this position with CSGC has aided his ability to connect students and has prepared him for the role of speaker of the senate.

“The Colorado Student Government Coalition really taught me how to connect students together across the state and various universities that have a ton of different needs,” Reyez said. “Those positions really helped me in moving forward and, I think, will really prepare me to be speaker of the senate.”

With this abundance of experience, Reyez wishes to serve as speaker of the senate to ensure more transparency within ASCSU. 

“My goal for this year is really just to serve students and really make ASCSU transparent and accountable back to the students,” Reyez said. 

I am committed to following the principal that ASCSU is a place that serves all students. We can do better, act better, be better together.”-Tristan Reyez, speaker of the senate candidate

Reyez believes his experience as a senator with ASCSU has thoroughly prepared him for this next step in his ASCSU career.

“That really helped prepare me for understanding the bylaws and constitution,” Reyez said. “I wrote a bill to change it and revamp it and make sure that all of our standard procedures were in place that we were using.”

Reyez also said his experience has allowed him to be in contact with the executive director of the Colorado Department of Higher Education, and this has helped him communicate with higher officials.

“(Dr. Angie Paccione) and I have been in contact in order to to help students through the pandemic and really understand how COVID-19 is impacting students,” Reyez said. “That position really is helping me understand how to work with higher-up officials within administration to really advocate for our students and advocate for student needs on a broader basis so that all students can have equal access to campus to have quality education.”


Reyez is running his campaign on the goal of transparency. He said he wants the focus back on the students.

“Multiple students I’ve talked to have said, ‘You know, students don’t feel that ASCSU is transparent,'” Reyez said. “And I really want to make sure that students are at the center of the organization and that we’re not just trying to serve ourselves or serve a personal agenda, that we’re working towards a common goal for students.” 

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