Fort Collins police chief hosting radio show on policing in community

Dorina Vida

Fort Collins’ police chief got down with the community and took over the radio waves.

Chief Jeff Swoboda premiered a radio show called “Chief Chat” on Tuesday, June 25, airing at 6:30 p.m. on 88.9 FM KRFC Fort Collins.


“Chief Chat” aims to create a space where productive and understanding dialogue can take place and to motivate the people of Fort Collins to work with law enforcement and better the community, Swoboda said.

“Policing across the country is facing many similar challenges, and I want to talk about issues big and small, but most of all, relevant,” Swoboda said. “Without the support of the community, police departments and police chiefs fail. I like to push issues and difficult conversations. That’s where the work is.”

“Chief Chat” is scheduled to air every other Tuesday at 6:30 p.m., live on air or streaming on the station’s website.

Swoboda approached the radio station with the concept of the show, an idea that sparked her interest. 

“It would be really interesting to hear how things are done: how the city is organized and protected by our police department,” said Jen Parker, executive director of KRFC 88.9 FM Radio Fort Collins. 

Swoboda, having had experience in radio production through the Chicago show “Friday with the Fuzz,” brought the knowledge of how law enforcement should better interact with the community as well as how the community can serve itself to KRFC, fitting right in with the station’s theme, Parker said.

“[Listeners] will discover things about the town they live in, how the police system works or how the town works,” Parker said. “It will be interesting, intriguing and super upbeat too.”

Having launched the show, Swoboda and his team are looking ahead to the future of “Chief Chat” with requests from individuals around the nation asking to make guest appearances, Swoboda said. They have also received requests from individuals around the nation who are interested in listening to the show, he said. 

“Policing is very high profile, but the truth is there are many people and programs who have great impact in our community, and I want to talk to them,” Swoboda said. 

Guests on the show will include individuals who understand the workings of law enforcement and are especially devoted to their communities. These are individuals who actively partake in the daily goings-on of their communities by “getting their hands dirty” and seeking ways to create safer and more inclusive environments, Swoboda said.


“Sometimes it will be with police chiefs and sometimes it will be with officers or dispatchers. Sometimes it will be with those working with homeless or a co-responder who helps those in crisis,” Swoboda said. 

To get involved, listeners may email Swoboda with questions or ideas.

“People will learn quickly that I talk about real issues, not just ‘softball’ topics,” Swoboda said. ”I am looking forward to these discussions with people across the country talking about topics that people find interesting.”

Dorina Vida can be reached at or Twitter @simply_she_.