Three candidates running for District 6, encompassing Campus West

Samantha Ye

Three candidates are running for the Fort Collins City Council seat vacated by current District 6 Councilmember Gerry Horak, who is term-limited. 

Only those living in District 6, which encompasses Campus West, may vote on the District 6 representative. Find your district here.


Lori Brunswig

Lori Brunswig: Candidate for District 6
Lori Brunswig: Candidate for District 6 (Julia Trowbridge | The Collegian)

Lori Brunswig “cares about people,” and that, she said, is why she is running for City Council.

Brunswig has served eight years on the Fort Collins Water Board and has a degree in civil engineering from Colorado State University. She said she was driven to run for Council to preserve U+2 but also to find actual affordable housing solutions.

Brunswig emphasized her stance for U+2 was not anything against students. She just finds that cramming more renters into an overpriced housing unit is not a fair solution to the City’s affordability issues and urges more big-picture solutions.

“I care, I want to help, and I want to make it right,” Brunswig said.

Brunswig said her experience on the water board has also made her passionate about water conservation, floodplain management and ensuring housing developments are not driven by investors’ money interests. She also finds it important to address local air quality through fracking regulations and reducing traffic congestion.

Overall, Brunswig said her platform is about “slow growth.”

“People living here don’t need to be incentivized to come here,” Brunswig said. “We need to take care of who’s here first before we start talking about growth.”

Emily Gorgol

Emily Gorgol: Candidate for District 6
Emily Gorgol: Candidate for District 6 (Julia Trowbridge | The Collegian)

Emily Gorgol wants to take her experience in community engagement to bring a unique perspective to City Council

With a degree in natural resources, Gorgol currently works at La Familia in the preservation and protection of affordable housing.

“I love Fort Collins,” Gorgol said. “I want it to stay a great town, but I really want it to be a quality place for everyone, and I think we have some issues on the table that’s making it really difficult for people to live here.”


Gorgol’s top priorities in District 6 are affordable housing, transportation and the environment, based on concerns she has heard from residents. Gorgol said she has the experience working in each of these areas to find actionable solutions.

Gorgol is also focused on incorporating a wide variety of resident voices. She said diverse voices create more holistic decisions which have more equitable impacts, and the City could be doing much more to involve all populations. That includes creating civic engagement tailored to make different groups feel comfortable to participate, Gorgol said. And, that includes students.

“Students make up such a large portion of our community, and I think that City Council should engage students more in the conversation,” Gorgol said. “All of the residents’ voices matter.”

Fred Kirsch

Fred Kirsch: Candidate for District 6
Fred Kirsch: Candidate for District 6 (Julia Trowbridge | The Collegian)

For the last 12 years, Fred Kirsch has been knocking on doors, organizing actionable solutions within the community and talking with City Council to implement energy efficiency plans. A citizen-activist his entire professional life, Kirsch is the director and founder of Community for Sustainable Energy, a local organization for energy issues and solutions.

“Now, I want to take those skills and experience that I’ve gained and apply that to creating positive social change from within the City from the City Council seat,” Kirsch said.

Kirsch said he will focus on sustainability, bring the citizen-activist perspective to Council and take a restorative justice approach to things like noise ordinances.  

He would also push to improve how the City functions by making sure Council evaluates staff progress reports more often and increasing transparency of the city manager’s work.

If elected, Kirsch said he would make Council his full-time priority and remain a consultant for CforSE.

The major takeaway for students, Kirsch said, is that he is about “making Fort Collins the shining example of sustainability and respect for the student population and everything that comes with them.”

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