Braiden Hall Council sold candy grams to spread the love on Valentine’s Day

Yixuan Xie

Freshman Devon Hudiburg is one of the leaders on Braiden Hall Council that started the Candy Gram project for Valentines Day hereat CSU. (CJ Jonson | Collegian)

Valentine’s Day is not only for celebration of romantic love, but also a great time to bring love to the community.

Braiden Hall Council sold candy grams and raised money for charity at Colorado State University from Feb. 1 to Feb. 7 to spread the love.


According to Devon Hudiburg, an undeclared freshman and one of the leaders of the project, Braiden Hall Council sold $154 worth of candy grams. All proceeds will be donated to Crossroads Safehouse, a local organization that provides emergency shelter and supportive services for victims of domestic violence and their children.

“(Selling candy grams) was something that a lot of people do in high school or middle school, and I thought it is a great way to get love going and show appreciation, whether it is your significant other or just a friend,” Hudiburg said. “It is also a great way to get some money to go to the charity.”

Hudiburg said they were trying to help people who get hurt in relationships and support the community.

“Sometimes people are in relationships where there is not love and we want to share love to those people who do not receive that love in that relationship and show them support and care,” Hudiburg said. “We also want to help support our community and show that CSU and Braiden Hall specifically do care about the community and its charities.”

It is expected the money will be given to Crossroads Safehouse in person next week, according to Sara Cochran, treasurer of Braiden Hall Council.

“Hopefully, this can give them more resources and supplies,” Hudiburg said. “I know they also provide therapy for victims to help them get on with lives, so I hope that this can still be provided and this money can do that.”

There were three different tiers of candy grams. The lowest one, which included a candy bar, was $1. The second tier was $5, containing a candy bar and a rose. The third one was $10 and people received a stuffed animal and a rose. 

People who bought candy grams could send them to friends or lovers, along with messages written on slips, which were delivered on Valentine’s Day.

“They can write (their message) on the slip and then we’re planning on just taping it or attaching it somehow, like maybe with like a ribbon or something (on) either the candy or the flower,” Cochran said. 

Cochran said most people requested a delivery to Braiden Hall and they would put the gift in the mailbox and send recipients an email that they have a package to pick up. 


“It is one of our best events we have had all year,” Hudiburg said. “That was a great feeling to give out some joy in the season and I think people really liked it.”

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