Inmate assaults Larimer County Jail deputy

Jenn Yingling

A Larimer County Jail inmate assaulted a deputy on Sunday, April 16.

The assault occurred at 5:45 p.m., when deputies were attempting to serve 37-year-old inmate Jeremy Allan Bonde a meal, according to a press release by Larimer County Sheriff’s Office.


Bonde escaped when his cell door was opened and became violent when deputies attempted to return him to the cell. He struck one deputy in the thigh and groin area. The deputy was not seriously injured.

Bonde refused multiple orders to stop resisting as additional deputies responded to the scene. A Taser was deployed to gain control of Bonde and he was moved to a jail cell in the booking area.

Bonde again attempted to force his way out of the cell as the deputies were exiting, preventing the cell door from closing. Another Taser was deployed as deputies struggled with Bonde, but it was unsuccessful.

Pepper spray was deployed when Blonde continued to ignore commands from deputies. He then moved away from the door and was secured in the cell.

Bonde is currently being held on the following allegations:

  • Second-degree Assault
  • Failure to comply motor vehicle theft
  • Failure to comply arson

Deputies will seek to add a new allegation of second-degree assault following this incident.

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