Kwon Atlas and Duane Hansen to run for Fort Collins office positions

Logan Crizer

Colorado State University alumnus Kwon Atlas and senior political science major Duane Hansen, announced their intentions to run for office positions in Fort Collins in the upcoming city elections for city council and mayor.

Both alumni announced their intentions to run, with Atlas running for mayor and Hansen running for city council.


Atlas will run on a platform that focuses on what he considers four key areas, which include housing, business, transportation and impact.

Affordable housing, ending U+2 and reducing homelessness were a few of the priorities concerning housing that Atlas has set out to achieve.

According to Atlas’s press release, he recognizes the disparities that exist in Fort Collins for student, low-income residents and students concerning housing.

Likewise, Atlas also wishes to improve transportation conditions and small business diversity within the community.

Atlas wants to create a robust economic atmosphere where businesses thrive and a “Transportation Neutral City” that has plenty of options for clean energy transportation and lighter congestion throughout the community.

Atlas studied economics, politics and business while he attended CSU. Finding a passion for social justice and activism during his college career, he became the president of The CSU Undeclared Leadership council and a ASCSU senator.

Atlas also was awarded the Bruce E. Smail Diversity Award for his work on the ASCSU Diversity Bill.

Hansen will run for city council on a similar platform that consists of affordable housing, multi-modal transportation, business and public empowerment.

Believing that the entire community should be engaged in the advancement of Fort Collins, Hansen hopes to turn engagement into momentum to create innovative problem-solving.

According to Hansen’s press release, the”status quo is no longer serving the people of Fort Collins—we need to bring in fresh perspectives to issues and this will only be accomplished with an engaged and empowered public.”


To accomplish his platform, Hansen wants to invest in transportation infrastructure, affordable housing availability and community involvement to maintain a sustainable economy.

Hansen served for a total of six years on student government during his college career. He also was a part of CSU’s student fee review board, which oversaw $54 million in student fee funds.

“I was inspired to be a leader in the community and I want to share that inspiration with others,” Hansen wrote.

Collegian reporter Logan Crizer can be reached at or on Twitter @logloc19.