Fort Collins Police release video of August shooting

Tony Villalobos

Nearly four months since the incident, the Fort Collins Police Department have released the footage from the body cameras of an officer involved shooting that occurred in late August. The video includes graphic content that may be disturbing to viewers. 


The Citizen Review Board completed their evaluation of the fatal shooting video involving three Fort Collins police officers.

The Board unanimously agreed with the District Attorneys’s previous determination that the officers’ actions were justified as well as were operating with integrity and professionalism.

This review by the Citizen Review Board completed the formal analysis of the incident.

On August 25, three police officers responded to a female’s 911 call accusing Jerry Jackson, 63, of antagonizing civilians. Jackson left the scene following the call, but was seen illegally entering the female’s residence when the police went to interview victims.

The officers instructed Jackson to exit the residence, Jackson then left the residence, but advanced on officers with a knife and refused to follow demands.

Police attempted to use two tasers on Jackson, which failed to strike him. He continued approaching the police and was instructed several times by officers to put the knife down.

When Jackson failed to comply, officers fired on him and seven of the nine shots fired hit home. Jackson was later pronounced deceased at the Medical Center of The Rockies.

The officers involved in the shooting have been cleared by the District Attorney’s office and the Citizen Review Board and commended for operating with professionalism and integrity.

All three officers have since returned to work.

The fatal video, which shows the officers warning the suspect prior to shooting, is hoped to be used as a training device within the agency for the future.


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