Search for infant in Landfill comes to end

Allec Brust

The nearly two week search for 13-month old Silas Ojeda at Northern Colorado Landfill, just east of Fort Collins was called off on Thursday.

Multiple blankets with “biological stains” were recovered during the landfill search as well as car seats similar to the one used by Silas Ojeda, according to the Laramie County Sheriffs department. Both the seats and blankets are being sent to a crime lab.


Police believe Silas Ojeda died in Cheyenne, Wyoming, with Rhiannon Ojeda, the boy’s mother. The boy’s mother also lived with her boyfriend, Logan Hunter Rogers.

Logan Rogers (Photo: Laramie County Sheriff’s Office)


The boy is said to have died on October 21, after being exposed to methamphetamine and suffering a concussion after falling from a countertop. Silas Ojeda was at a friend of Rogers. The boy died hours after sustaining injuries.

Rogers is accused of wrapping Ojeda in a blanket and taking the body to Laramie County Community College to dispose of it in a trash bin. That bin was later traced to have been dumped at an Ault landfill.

Rogers was arrested on October 27 with charges of manslaughter and reckless child endangerment. Rhiannon Ojeda was also arrested on Thursday, according to the Laramie County Sheriffs Department.

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