Planes, buses and automobiles: how to travel home for break

Rachel Telljohn

Editor’s note: This article has been corrected to reflect accurate GreenRide and SuperShuttle times. 

Fall break is fast approaching and students have a variety of options for getting off campus and out of town.


Students traveling to Denver International Airport, to Denver or other places in the state for break have different transportation options available to them.


“There’s such a demand to get to the airport,” said Aaron Fodge, alternative transportation manager for Colorado State University. “Make sure you let (a shuttle company) know you’re a CSU student.”

One of the more cost effective options for reaching DIA is the Bustang. It costs $10 for CSU students, with a transfer to the Denver light rail for $9. The first shuttle is already sold out for Friday, November 18. According to Fodge, a second shuttle may be added.

Using GreenRide Shuttle from the CSU campus to DIA costs students $29, including up to two luggage bags with no additional cost. Fodge encourages students to pack lightly. GreenRide picks up from the CSU Transit Center with 18 pickup times on weekdays and 12 on Saturday.

The SuperShuttle will cost students $28 each way per passenger from the residence halls with the discount code CSU01, according to Jessica Hazlett, sales and marketing manager for the SuperShuttle. The SuperShuttle also picks up off campus and runs hourly from 3 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

“Key thing, can’t recommend it enough, get your reservation early so you don’t have to worry about it last minute,” Fodge said. “Give yourself enough time to get to the airport, (as CSU is) not the only college to be on break (and the other schools are) all going to be converging on the airport.”

Hazlett had similar advice to share. Allow plenty of time to travel to the airport, be on time for a shuttle reservation and use a personal cell phone number that is reachable for the shuttle, just in case.

To Denver, Boulder and beyond

A free option for students traveling to Boulder, or other towns in between, is the FLEX. The FLEX picks up along the MAX corridor and is free for students with their CSU ID.


Fodge recommended boarding the FLEX at the Downtown Transit Center in Fort Collins, prior to its pickup on campus. The Downtown Transit Center is located at Mason and Laporte. There is also a Saturday depature option for the FLEX.

The Bustang can also be used to reach the Denver metro area. It drops off at Union Station, with access to the light rail that can take students as far south as Highlands Ranch, east to towards the airport or west to Lakewood.

In Fort Collins

Fodge recommended the ZipCar for those staying in Fort Collins for the break without a vehicle. Students can sign up by downloading the app to their phone. They take a picture of their license and are then approved to drive. It costs $15 to join, and the cars have an hourly rate.

Weather, other things to know

Students traveling to any location have the option to carpool with friends in order to reach their location and leave one less car on the sure-to-be-crowded I-25.

For those students staying in the residence halls, staying late on Saturday is an option, but an online application must be filled out by Wednesday, November 16. Students are also encouraged to bring their bicycles into their room for the break.

“(Bringing a bicycle indoors is) a theft deterrent,” Fodge said.

Despite method of travel, traffic headed south on I-25 Friday afternoon will be slow going.

“So many people are traveling for the holidays,” Fodge said. “You maybe want to think about getting out a day early, if you can. If you’re driving, maybe it’s worth sticking around here another day. Enjoy the campus until you have to drive back.”

Collegian reporter Rachel Telljohn can be reached at or on Twitter @racheltelljohn.