Libertarian congressional candidate Richard Longstreth on limited government, personal choice

Hailey Deaver

Libertarian candidate Richard Longstreth is running for the House of Representatives in Colorado’s Second Congressional District.

Libertarian candidate Richard Longstreth is running for the House of Representatives in Colorado’s Second Congressional District.

Longstreth said he first began questioning the control of the government while he was in high school. He went to a public high school which had a very strict dress code, and and issues concerning dress code often came up in court, causing him to question public institutions and programs.


Longstreth was the vice chair of the College Republicans at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tennessee. He did not entirely agree with the group and he left the College Republicans to join the College Democrats. He found himself only agreeing with some ideas and decided to leave this party as well.

Longstreth found the College Independents and began to look into Libertarian Party while Ron Paul was running for president.

Longstreth describes the Libertarian party as a party to show the people that there are other options, besides the Republican and Democratic parties. His website explains the party as “the only political party that respects your rights as a unique and competent individual.”

“We just want the government out of lives; that way we can make our own choices,” Longstreth said. “As long as you’re not hurting anybody or taking their stuff, we believe you ought to be able to do what you want. If there is no harm being done then the government should not be involved.”

Longstreth was involved in ROTC as a cadet in college and eventually joined the army. However, he was diagnosed with ADHD and decided to leave the military due to health concerns.

Longstreth said he believes that the government holds too much power over the citizens of America. He is looking to cut government spending over-seas, allow people to live their lives how they choose and continue to expand the liberties and rights of the people.


Longstreth supports the right to bear arms and believes that guns and violence are not the same thing. Longstreth also believes that “gun-free zones” are more dangerous for citizens because it allows criminals to know that no one can defend themselves.


Longstreth encourages the separation of the market and the government. He said the government has too much power over corporations, which manipulate the people.


Longstreth thinks the citizens have the right to choose which businesses will succeed or fail, rather than depending on where the government decides to invest tax money, according to his campaign website.


Longstreth wants to cut taxes on all levels of government and also audit the government to determine where all the money is being spent. Longstreth wants to allow the people to keep what they own and what they make without government interference.


Longstreth wants to bring the troops back home and reduce the presence of military in other countries. He said he believes this will create a more peaceful environment and that the root of the problem is the government being too involved in other countries.


Longstreth supports the idea that people have the right to medical privacy, which includes abortion and other medical issues.

Longstreth also believes that the government should not have the power to control marriage and personal relationships.

Longstreth wants to prevent the government from determining whether certain substances should be illegal or legal. He believes that American adults should be educated and understand the consequences of drug use on their own.

He wants voters to go out and vote using their conscience and take into consideration that there are more options than the Republican party and the Democratic party.

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