Congressional Candidate Nicholas Morse’s campaign focuses on limited government,

Katie Linenberger

Nicholas Morse, the Republican congressional candidate for Colorado District 2, is running against Jared Polis.

Morse earned his bachelors degree from Colorado State University. After graduating from CSU, he earned his Master’s in Business Administration at Grand Canyon University.


He volunteered as an adviser to the Larimer County Republican Party. He moved up to Assistant Treasurer, Director of Relationship Management & Strategy. Recently, he left the Larimer County Republican Party board in order to focus on his campaign, according to his website.


Morse wants to keep government limited. On his website, he states government should only have rights as stated in the Constitution and shouldn’t be over powering the people.

Morse supports the 2nd amendment. He feels that people have the right to bear arms.

He believes that cutting spending on defense will not have an impact on our debt issue. Instead, he wants to take care of veterans financially and not leave them trying to make it in society.

“I don’t believe any member of the military or a veteran should struggle financially after everything they have given to this country,” Morse wrote on his website.

On the topic of Syrian refugees, Morse wants to put American safety first. He says that there is not good enough screening to determine which refugees should be allowed in to the United States of America.

Concerning fiscal policy, he feels that spending less in government will cause people to have to pay less taxes overall. He believes that this will also help lower the current debt.


Regarding the environment, he says that it is our duty to take care of the land and its resources.


“I support common sense policy that allows energy providers the ability to operate freely without fear of government oppression,” Morse wrote on his website.

Morse believes that energy and energy companies are vital to our nation and especially Colorado. He says that thousands of people are hired every years at energy companies in Colorado alone. Morse states on his website that miners shouldn’t have to fear about losing their jobs daily because of the government’s actions.

Morse says that local governments should be allowed to restrict fracking.


Morse is against Obamacare and Amendment 69 because he believes that it forces workers to pay for healthcare and lessens their paychecks because it is required by the government. He feels that healthcare should be an individual’s decision. By doing this, he says it will give people more flexibility in their healthcare decisions and gives people the chance to sign up for their choice in coverage.

Morse says that religion should be allowed to be expressed and practiced freely because of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. He doesn’t want government standing in the way of that freedom.


Regarding student debt, Morse feels that students attending trade schools should be allowed to receive financial aid just like students attending four year colleges. Morse wants to give graduates the option to be pay their student loans from their gross income. Graduates who take this option would be paying their loans before the taxes are applied to their paycheck. He wants to provide employee match tax credits to those who match payments for recent college graduates if they stay at their same job for at least five years.

Morse feels that decisions regarding education and its policy should be determined by the state, locally and by parents. He supports parents placing their children in the best learning environment for them in order for them to succeed. He believes in standards for educators that reward them based on success. He wants a policy that holds educators who disservice students accountable, according to his website.


He wants to improve the conditions that minorities are in. Morse, half Hispanic, wants to advance the minority community. He has experienced going to a school with lack of resources and wants to make a change for other minorities in similar schools that he went to. He believes that improving the minority community, the relationships between communities and police will strengthen, according to his answer to a questionnaire by 9news on their website.

Morse believes that minimum wage should be agreed upon between the boss and the worker before hiring the worker.

“I like him because he’s for equal marriage opportunity, his views on refugee immigration, that we need to put the safety of our country first, he supports the 2nd Amendment, supports small businesses, lowering taxes and less government spending,” said Nicole Florian, a freshman studying Civil Engineering at CSU.

Jared Polis, Morse’s opponent, is projected to keep his current position as the Congressman of CO CD-2, according to Election Projection’s website. 

Collegian reporter Katie Linenberger can be reached at or on Twitter @klinen15.