Fort Collins police increase patrols for Super Bowl Sunday

Sady Swanson

Fort Collins Police Services will be increasing officer patrols Sunday as part of their efforts to “provide a safe, positive environment” for everyone on Super Bowl game day.

“If destructive behavior threatens property or public safety, we will take necessary actions to ensure well-being for our community,” FCPS Public Relations Manager Kate Kimble wrote in an email to the Collegian.


There will be an increase in officers patrolling the city, especially in high-traffic areas including near campus in Old Town and parts of Campus West. 

“In the event that the Broncos win, Old Town and parts of Campus West will be shut down to incoming vehicle traffic to avoid large crowd issues,” Kimble wrote. “We’ve coordinated efforts with our local partners in public safety to efficiently handle any problems that may arise.”

Kimble said that people are encouraged to register their parties, and that the 20-minute warnings given to party hosts by police are only for noise.

“Any other behaviors, including fighting, underage drinking, littering, damaging property or rioting will result in citations or arrests,” Kimble wrote.

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