Colorado comedians showcased in LSC Theatre, more shows to come

Hailey Mensik

Three Colorado-based comedians provided laughter and amusement Wednesday night in the Lory Student Center Theater in collaboration with the campus-wide program “Getting to Year Two at CSU.”

Jeff Wozer. Photo by Bianca Torrez
Jeff Wozer at the Comedy Works show Wednesday night in the LSC Theatre. (Photo credit: Bianca Torrez.)

An audience comprised of roughly 60 students, predominately freshman, gathered in the LSC Theater to watch the various performances. Upon admission, first-year students were entered into a raffle to win free textbooks, extra meal swipes and other campus incentives.


The opening act featured Jeff Wozer — self-titled ambassador for mountain khakis and a world record holder in the 17-yard dash. During his performance, he clarified that his “world record” is primarily due to the lack of competition in that specific event.

Wozer both writes and does stand up. His writing has been featured in more than 35 publications — Cabin Life Magazine, Dining Out Miami and Explorer Club’s Explorers Journal, to name a few.

Carey Denise starred in the subsequent act and shared numerous parcels of wisdom based on her life experiences.

“Don’t marry a dude you met at the renaissance festival,” Denise said.

Denise, a former English teacher, calls Denver home. Her wits and satire generated a multitude of laughs from her empathetic younger audience, although she said she normal performs for quite a different crowd.

“(I usually perform for) just drunks in bars,” Denise said. “That’s what we all usually perform for.”

Stephen Agyei. Photo by Bianca Torrez
Stephen Agyei preformed at the Wednesday night Comedy Works show in the LSC Theatre, one of several to come this spring. (Photo credit: Bianca Torrez.)

The last act featured Stephen Agyei, a CU graduate, whose presentation was somewhat raunchier than the previous acts. He provoked laughter with his jokes about Tinder and Kanye West — both topics salient to his college-aged audience.

Agyei additionally offered advice to the many first-year students in attendance.

“Make it through the first year, get to year two,” Agyei said. “Because that first year is tough — that transition period … but honestly (the college experience) … you can’t put a price on that.”

Ram Events, an inclusive programming board that plans and implements a variety of events for all members of the CSU community, put on the comedy show.


The program that collaborated to put on this show, “Getting to Year Two with CSU,” is a month long campus-wide program with events intended for first-year students in their second semester. Throughout the month of February, the program will include campus events aimed to help students transition into their second year.

CSU Comedy Works will be held in the LSC Theater again from 7-9 p.m. on March 23, April 26 and May 4. Admission is free and each show will feature a new set of stand-up comedians.

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