CSU students to show support for Missouri protesters Monday at Administration Building

Christina Vessa

A group of Colorado State University students are planning to show their support for the Mizzou protesters Monday at 11:50 a.m. in front of the Administration Building. The group will be demonstrating their support for protesters hoping to make a change at universities around the nation.

Kwon Yearby, a senior economics student, is helping organize the event.


“We want to talk about what has happened at CSU and things of racial oppression that are happening across America,” Yearby said. “We want to educate people that are going, so they know what the incidents were that happened at Mizzou, what happened throughout history, as well as what is going on now.”

The group will start at the Administration Building, then move to the Lory Student Center Plaza between noon and 1 p.m. The CSU students created two large banners that will include signatures, quotes and messages, stating “CSU Stands With Mizzou.” One of the banners will be sent to the Mizzou Black Culture Center.

“This all started because of CSU engineering student (Vance Payne) who was talking to Miss Bridget Johnson of the Black African American Cultural Center office,” Yearby said. “We put it out there and were able to make it happen. It did start with Vance and his effort to make a statement.”

Yearby said various culture centers around campus, such as United Men of Color and the Ethnic Studies Department, have been supporting these efforts.

“Hopefully they (students at Mizzou) are able to get some of the other demands that they have,” Yearby said. “I think it could be a good example for campuses across America of how to go about creating some institutional changes at the university.”

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