Student Peace Alliance and Center for Mindfulness host mindful monday on lsc plaza

Katy Mueller

In the years of college, there rarely feels like there is a moment to be mindful. Between running to class and work while also trying to fit in a social life, everything seems hectic.

Enter the Mindful Monday event. Colorado State University’s Student Peace Alliance has teamed up with the new Center for Mindfulness in order to promote a day of self awareness and mindful actions as a way to escape the otherwise crazy schedule college students experience. Head of the Student Peace Alliance, senior Kaeli Simonet, talked about how the group has been involved with this project.


(Photo by Katy Mueller).
(Photo by Katy Mueller).

“(We) have been working on Mindful Monday for about a semester,” Simonet said. “We do a lot of mindfulness work in the SPA because we are all about inner peace and just finding ways to de-stress. Mindful eating is basically just when you think about what you’re eating, maybe where it is coming from, and how you’re eating it. That’s a huge part of it.”

She said incorporating a weekly Mindful Monday is an important thing students can start incorporating into their routine because it will help them be present with their food, rather than rushing so much so that they cannot enjoy what is going into their body.

“As students, we are always eating processed foods on the go, so we are just encouraging people to kind of slow down and take a minute to eat and think about what they’re eating,” Simonet said.

Simonet and SPA member Charles Peisert, a sophomore, said this day is important not just from a healthy eating point of view, but also an environmental view. Peisert advocates for Mindful Mondays because a large part of this project is to encourage students to consider cutting out meat for a day in order to be aware of what the meat industry does to the earth.

“This project is important, mostly from an environmental standpoint, because a huge portion of green house gas emissions come from the cattle industry,” Peisert said. “If people can commit to cutting meat from their diets just one day a week, there can be huge cuts in these emissions. And, one day can easily turn into two, and from there we can all begin to combat methane emissions and likewise climate change.”

When Chessa Hastings,a junior, heard about Mindful Mondays, she thought it was an interesting idea.

“I am that student who eats a bagel while doing homework, and I always have to multitask or I feel lazy,” Hastings said. “It’s kind of a cool concept to just relax for a few minutes and actually appreciate that I have food. I think it should definitely be something students consider, even if its only a minute or two.”

The SPA display on the Lory Student Center Plaza included tips about eating mindfully, like eating with your non-dominant hand or without watching television. The display also provided an arrangement of healthy snacks and drinks for students to eat.

“Mindful eating is really important because it de-stresses you for one, and studies show that when you pay more attention to what you eat, you eat less and get more out of your food,” Simonet said. 

The Student Peace Alliance can be found on Facebook and RamLink, where students can find more information on how to get involved.


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