ASCSU Vice President Albaugh resigns

Christina Vessa

ASCSU President Jason Sydoriak and Former Vice President Taylor Albaugh pose during a senate session in the spring. (Photo Credit: Christina Vessa).
ASCSU President Jason Sydoriak and Former Vice President Taylor Albaugh pose during a senate session in the spring. (Photo Credit: Christina Vessa).

ASCSU Vice President Taylor Albaugh resigned from her position through a formal letter sent Friday.

Her resignation was unexpected, said ASCSU President Jason Sydoriak. He said the process of finding an interim vice president will be completed by the end of next week.


“I have not been speaking with Taylor throughout the summer because I wanted to give her space,” Sydoriak said regarding Albaugh’s position as a Ram Orientation Leader this summer. “She was supposed to work after she got back from Hawaii, but she sent a resignation letter on Friday before she left for Hawaii, really giving no reason. It was really simple.”

Sydoriak said he will continue with the process of finding someone to take her position as fast as possible. He will be holding interviews with members inside and outside of ASCSU.

“I will find an interim Vice President because (the) Student Fee Review Board is one of the most important aspects of ASCSU,” Sydoriak said. “We need someone fulfilling that. They will fulfill that role until the second week of school when Senate comes back in. Depending if they did a good job, or depending if I found someone better, we will have someone ratified by the senate to become the new vice president.”

Sydoriak will be choosing candidates for the new position, while the students outside of ASCSU will not get to vote on the selection process. The new vice president will then be ratified by the Senate, fulfilling responsibilities as chairperson of the Student Fee Review Board upon ratification.

“The constitution says it’s very basic,” Sydoriak said. “I just nominate and they just get ratified. It’s as simple as that. I won’t make it into a cumbersome process with applications and what not.”

Sydoriak said he will be creating a task force to determine whether the process of choosing an interim vice president will be a formal process. Currently, Albaugh is out of the state and could not be reached for comment.

“(There) could be something like a tri-ticket that we have seen at other universities,” Sydoriak said. “Or, it could be as simple as just saying the vice president will work on (the) Student Fee Review Board, while the speaker pro tempore handles Senate. I will create a task force to determine what is the best one that reflects ASCSU and its values.”

“I have been in ASCSU as the president for a little bit,” Sydoriak said. “I have seen what (the) Student Fee Review Board entails. Now, I have a better understanding of who can handle that position rather than just running with someone. We knew what we were getting into, but it is not until you are actually elected that you know what you are in to.”

Sydoriak said he is surprised to see Albaugh resign, but making sure that she is well is a top priority.

“I really would like everyone to just help give her space and empower her to do well in whatever she chooses to do next,” Sydoriak said. “I’m sure she does have a really good reason. I wish I had an answer more than anyone else.”


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