BREAKING: Burnt motor on roof of Plant Sciences Building

Hannah Ditzenberger

A burnt motor on the roof of the Plant Sciences building set off a fire alarm, according to a fireman at the scene.

Four firetrucks and two police cars responded to the alarm at approximately 1 p.m.


Firemen responded to at approximately 1 p.m. Monday at the Plant Science Building.(Photo: Abbie Parr)
Firemen responded to an active fire alarm at approximately 1 p.m. Monday at the Plant Science building. (Photo credit: Abbie Parr)

According to sophomore political science major Ryan Lampman, his 1 p.m. Comparative Politics class was interrupted by the alarm. He did not smell any smoke.

“The nice police officer asked us to get away from any danger,” Lampman said. “Since, then all the fireman have been going in.”

Lou Bjostad, a professor of biology, said there was a significant amount of smoke.

“There was smoke coming from somewhere in the building,” Bjostad said. “Nobody saw any flames, but for sure we smelled a plastic-y smoke.”

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