Textbook comparative shopping

Katie Schmidt

The rumor that college students eat nothing but Ramen may be a myth, but it is true that college students are always looking to save money. While some steal the neighbor’s Wi-Fi, others undertake competitive textbook shopping. Here are the going rates of All-University Core Curriculum courses that are commonly taken.

PSY 100

Exploring Psychology in Modules by David G. Myers (9781464163418)


CSU Bookstore new: $100, used: $50

Rams Bookstore used: $56.25, rent used: $36

Amazon new: $84.99, used: $64.99*

ART 100

Art: A Brief History by Marilyn Stokstad (9780205017027 or 9780205202041)

CSU Bookstore new: $188.50, used: $100 (Looseleaf new: $122.75, used: $45.75)

Rams Bookstore used: $118.35, rent: $75.74 (Looseleaf used: $77, rent used: $49.28)

Amazon new: $120, used: $78.42 (Looseleaf new: $100.65, used: $68.52)*

JTC 100

Media and Culture: An Introduction to Mass Communication by Richard Campbell, Christopher R. Martin and Bettina Fabos (9781457642425 or 9781457679636)

CSU Bookstore new: $133.25, used: $100 (Looseleaf new: $82.25, used: $61.75)

Rams Bookstore rent used: $67.68 (Looseleaf used: $60.75)


Amazon new: $105.99, used: $104.45 (Looseleaf new: $74.95, used: $68.37)*

ANTH 120

Our Origins: Discovering Physical Anthropology by Clark Spencer Larsen (9780393921434)

CSU Bookstore new: $149.25, used: $112.00

Rams Bookstore used: $54.48

Amazon new: $129, used: $106.35*

CO 300

Essentials of Argument by Nancy V. Wood (9780205827022)

CSU Bookstore new: $73.50, used: $39.75

Amazon new: $60, used: $47.97*

*Prices do not include shipping.

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