FoCo crime vs. CSU crime

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This 2013-2014 academic, the CSU campus and the City of Fort Collins have each seen their own share of criminal activity. The crimes of theft, motor vehicle accident, assault, harassment, noise complaint and DUI were compared using this time frame for CSU and Fort Collins.


This academic year, there were 73 thefts on campus and 492 thefts in Fort Collins. For every theft at CSU, there were 6.7 thefts in Fort Collins.

CSU saw 53 motor vehicle accidents this school year, while Fort Collins saw 1168. For every motor vehicle accident on campus, there were 22 accidents in Fort Collins.

Seven assaults occurred on campus this academic year, and 204 occurred in the city. For every assault at CSU there were 29.1 in Fort Collins.

There were 14 cases of harassment at CSU this school year, and 540 in Fort Collins. For every case of harassment on campus, there were 38.6 cases in the city.

There were 25 noise complaints on campus this school year, and 445 in the city. For every noise complaint at CSU, there were 17.8 in Fort Collins.

Twelve DUI arrests were made on campus this academic year, while 90 were made in Fort Collins. For every DUI arrest at CSU, there were 7.5 in Fort Collins.

CSU has a population of about 30,000 students, while Fort Collins holds about 150,000 citizens.

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