5 Things You Blow Off As A Freshman That You Probably Shouldn’t

As a freshman it’s really easy to be busy. You’re at an entirely new school, with an entirely new student body, and there are more events and parties to go to than you could ever have thought. It’s easy for some of the more serious things to get put off until later. As a senior, these are a few things I wish I hadn’t blown off.

1) The Career Fair


I know it sounds ridiculous going to a career fair as a freshman, so far from being ready to get a job, but simply getting comfortable talking to recruiters is a big accomplishment. Knowing what questions to ask and what things they’re looking for is invaluable information for when it is your time to look for a position.

2) Resume Workshops

There’s a good chance you don’t have a lot of experience to populate a resume yet, but knowing the rules of a great resume when you get there puts you ahead of the game. It also prepares you to write more effectively about your experience in the future.

3) The Career Management Center

It might sound cheesy, but CSU students are incredibly lucky to have a dedicated career center. They can help with resume advice, internship opportunities, and even give advice on figuring out your career path. Take advantage of this early to get the most benefits.

4) Professor’s Office Hours

There’s a reason professors usually give a little background on their past work experiences at the beginning of the semester – and no, it’s not because they like talking about themselves. If you hear something they’ve done that you’d like to learn more about go to their office hours and ask! Most professors would be happy to discuss the good and bad aspects of their experience to help you get closer to figuring out what you want in the future.

5) Setting up your LinkedIn

Along the same lines as the resume – it’s easy not to set up a LinkedIn if you don’t think you have great experience to put on there yet. But forming connections, building your portfolio, and getting endorsements early makes your profile much stronger and more complete when you’re ready to use it to impress employers. Click here for tips on best practices.

Is there anything you wish you hadn’t skipped out on as a freshman? Leave it in the comments below.


Career Expo 20110928 011
Career Expo 20110928 011 (Photo credit: City of Marietta, GA)