ASCSU hosts the 13th annual Community Welcome Walk

As summer winds down and CSU students trickle back to campus, ASCSU is collaborating with CSU and the city of Fort Collins in an event that will help them meet their neighbors.

“In Fort Collins we have very mixed neighborhoods, with long-term residents and student residents,” said Beth Sowder, Neighborhood Services manager.


The 13th annual Community Welcome Walk, funded by both the city and CSU, will allow students to introduce themselves to other residents of Fort Collins. The walk is slated for Wednesday Aug. 28 from 4:30-9 p.m.

The event’s goals are to create good relationships and encourage students to meet their neighbors, according to Sam Guinn, ASCSU’s Deputy Chief of Staff.

“It’s so neighbors can meet students and remove any negative stereotypes,” Guinn said.

CSU President Tony Frank and Fort Collins City Manager Darin Atteberry will address the relationship between the university and the city.

The event will be separated into 37 neighborhood zones directly surrounding CSU’s campus with 50-80 homes in each zone, according to Emily Allen, community liaison for Off Campus Life.

It’s an opportunity to ask and answer questions, according to Sowder.

In order for students to learn how to integrate themselves in the Fort Collins community, residents have an opportunity to offer advice like “knowing you have to shovel, knowing you can’t be too loud, knowing you can’t have trash or junk out,” Sowder said.

Organizers are expecting around 200 volunteers including Fort Collins Police, ASCSU, CSU Athletics, Cheer and Poms, according to Morgan Smith, executive director of government affairs for ASCSU.

“The officers want to be part of the experience … they’re there to show students that they care,” Smith said.

Each participating household will receive a card with flower seeds in it as part of the Grow Our Community Campaign. The cards will have contact information for each participating neighbor on it to keep the community in touch throughout the year.


“(It’s an) opportunity to fill out contact information and create a conversation in a fun way,” Smith said.

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