Rock climbing gyms are the next exercise fad

Just like yoga, zumba, barre, and kick boxing, all started out as popular trends, now the latest fad is rock climbing.  To accomadate this sport, all year round, rock climbing gyms are beginning to pop up.

According to, Chip Crane and Rob Hodge, have established what they hope to be a place of community and fun for fellow rock climbers in their home of  Spartanburg County, South Carolina.


The gym, titled Climb Upstate, includes 6,200 square feet of climbing space, a 1,500-square-foot fitness center, and a party area with a lounge, 42-inch flat-screen TV and a ping-pong table. The gym is also equipped with plethora of safety features, such as ropes and thick, padded flooring.

Crane and Hodge also book trips periodically for those who wish to take their climbing outdoors. Destinations visited so far include Crowders Mountain and Rumbling Bald in North Carolina, Curahee Mountain in Georgia and Stone Fort in Tennessee.