Odds are your tree hugger friends are more fit than you

photo courtesy: Huy Mach
photo courtesy: Huy Mach

Tired of carrying around the old spare tire? Well, a new trend of climbing trees has unveiled an innovative approach to gaining muscle, while also shedding the fat.

As STLToday reporter Markia Holt explains in her article, tree climbing is a fresh alternative to rock climbing. The new trend is even taught by instructors like Guy Mott.


“If you engage in a tree climb, it is a full-body workout. It is much more interactive and therapeutic to be outside as opposed to a gym,” Mott said.

If you’re looking to do some tree climbing yourself, you may want to invest in the necessary equipment.

“Climbing begins by carefully placing ropes over branches in tree crotches, providing strong anchor points. Each rope goes through a leather sleeve to protect the tree. Students then don a tree climber’s saddle and helmet,” Holt said.

With such attention to detail, and use of muscles you don’t typically use much, tree climbing could get you in good shape.  The trend is even catching on with your pooch.

If you dive out of a plane for fun, you’re called a skydiver.  Cliff jumping enthusiasts are called base jumpers.  Following the basic titles, tree climbers are called “arborists”.  (Don’t ask me why cave lovers are “Spelunkers”)

All kidding aside, the arborist community is slowly growing.  Don’t be surprised if you see modern Tarzan’s skipping around the trees soon.

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