Stretching with Puppies

Rachel Rasmussen

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Puppy Yoga is not only a great way to relieve stress and bring a smile to your face, it also benefits animal shelters all around Colorado. There isn’t one specific company in Fort Collins that does puppy yoga, but rather a few shelters will work with different businesses to hold many puppy yoga and adoption events. One such animal shelter is The Good Dog Rescue.


Two weekends ago, The Good Dog Rescue teamed up with Ascent Studio to host their own puppy yoga. The dogs and puppies that were present for the event were all up for adoption; there were a couple Huskies and some puppies of mixed breeds.

Throughout the session, the yoga instructor, who also fostered dogs from The Good Dog Rescue, answered questions about fostering and adopting dogs as well as general questions about The Good Dog Rescue. Meanwhile, the puppies wandered around the room, occasionally stopping to sniff someone or something or to give an attendee some kisses.

The Good Dog Rescue takes dogs from high kill shelters in and around Colorado, spays or neuters them, and places them in foster care until they are ready to be adopted. They appreciate anyone who is willing to open their homes to foster these dogs or anyone who decides to adopt them.

For more information about The Good Dog Rescue, go to for more information.

Another group that teams up with a Fort Collins business to bring the pleasure of puppy yoga is Bounce Animal Rescue. A few times a year, they will work with Om Kai Yoga and Maxline Brewing to hold a puppy yoga and adoption event.

These events are open to anyone 14 and up and to all yoga ability levels. During the sessions, participants get to hold and play with puppies who are usually a little older than a month old. After the sessions, those who are 21 and up can enjoy a beer and visit with a Bounce Animal Rescue representative about adoption, fostering, or just general questions about the rescue shelter.

Bounce Animal Shelter works to rescue and place domestic animals in their forever homes. They have a heavy emphasis on providing people with the proper information on veterinary care, spaying and neutering, and overall quality animal care.

For more information on Bounce Animal Shelter, go to You can also go to for more information on puppy yoga and upcoming events.