Jumpsuit Fashion

Teagan Smith

Jumpsuits are, without a doubt, a statement style. This one-piece look can turn heads more than your usual dress or pants suit. Jumpsuits are found in a more fashionable territory, However, not everyone can pull the look off. Add an accessory to the look and you’ll either look like a fashionista or a fashion disaster. Knowing how to style a jumpsuit is the most important part to getting the street-style, chic look you want.

Just like dresses, jumpsuits have different styles. Knowing what style of jumpsuit flatters your image and figure is your first step in finding the perfect look. First, are you looking for casual, formal, or somewhere in-between? Do you need the long sleeve, straps, or strapless? Will you be wearing a shirt beneath? Once you know the requirements for the style you want, then you can focus on the figure of the piece. Fitted at the waist and wider around the legs classifies the jumpsuit. From there you should consider height. If you are average height or shorter, then closer fitting, cropped pant legs are your best option. For those of you who have long legs like me, then wide-legged pants that end just above the ground will compliment you beautifully.


Dresses may be “safe” for formal occasions, but jumpsuits give a wow factor that will make you stand out like the goddess you are. With formal’s arising this month, I highly suggest a fitting design that compliments your style, with chic and simple accessories. Check out ASOS Design for some beautiful formal statement looks. Two-piece jumpsuits are just as flattering and give a beautiful addition to this breezy Fall season. Have you been to Acey Designs yet? Her reasonably priced style is chic and comfortable to fit either formal or spring!

Not sure of your plans for the weekend? Have a date that could either be more formal or casual? Jumpsuits are a gals best friend this season. For a more casual look, denim and cotton will give you a relaxed silhouette look for your style. Pairing a loose, worn out or vintage t-shirt with a low cut strappy jumpsuit will give off trendy and relaxed vibes, especially with your go-to fall hat.

Throw on your favorite jumpsuit, go sit at a coffee shop or walk around town, and inspire another to rock the one-piece look!