The one-stop shop: A tasty recipe for Trader Joe’s fans

Sierra Grimm

As we all adjust to the COVID-19-era lifestyle, many of us are also adjusting to cooking from home more often than before. It has become almost a necessity to make do with our meager cooking skills or to start cooking for the first time. There are heaps of benefits when it comes to cooking at home rather than getting takeout.

When cooking from home, you know what is going into your food. This recipe is for the college kid who wants a yummy meal that is healthy and budget friendly but also a meal that is not the same thing they ate yesterday.


This is an adult Happy Meal with plenty of nutritional value. My Trader Joe’s enthusiasts will appreciate this original recipe I whipped up the other day, as this whole meal can be supplied by a one-stop shopping trip to Trader Joe’s. Ingredients for my TJ veggie bowl are as follows:

  • One bag of cauliflower fried rice – $2.99
  • Two tablespoons of tahini sauce – $3.49
  • 1/4 cup of sauerkraut – $3.99
  • Half a package of sriracha tofu – $3.69
  • Half an organic avocado – $1.97
  • A bit of oil to cook your food with.

This meal cooks enough for two people or two meals’ worth if you are cooking for one individual. For any meal-preppers out there, this one is gold. It is also very versatile for all friends who are either vegan, gluten-free or vegetarian. If you are not vegan or vegetarian, you can always substitute the sriracha tofu for another form of protein such as chicken or ground beef.

For those who do not have a palate that can handle spice, you will be able to handle this tofu like a champ. It is not spicy at all since you eat the tofu cold, so the temperature does not enhance the spice. If anything, it just provides an extra sauce.

Tahini sauce pairs well with any protein, as it is a sunflower-based sauce with water, lemon juice and garlic. The cauliflower fried rice in this dish provides more vegetable nutrients than just eating your standard white or brown rice or quinoa. The avocado provides healthy fatty acids. It is also loaded with fiber and has high amounts of potassium. It is rich in vitamin C, which has massive benefits to the immune system.

There is one ingredient in here that some may steer clear of, but I say give it another go. Sauerkraut. Hear me out before you roll your eyes and say no. It improves digestion, boosts the immune system and is very nutritious. It provides a crunchy texture since that is not provided by the tofu or cauliflower.

Overall, this meal is packed with protein, healthy fats and gives an immunity boost. Right now, the more immune-boosting foods you can eat, the better, since COVID-19 is spreading and flu season is right around the corner. The more boosted our immune systems are, the better chance we have to fight off anything that could potentially compromise our systems.

Sierra Grimm can be reached at or Twitter @CSUram5.