Lil Uzi’s long-awaited ‘Eternal Atake’ leaves us satisfied

Arrion Smith

Lil Uzi Vert dropped his long-anticipated sophomore album March 6, much to the delight of his cult-like fan base.

Lil Uzi released two singles to tease his fans, with “Futsal Shuffle 2020” and “That Way” being released in December 2019 and earlier in March, respectively. With so much buildup from anticipation, both songs had a great impression and left audiences wanting more. Before its release, Uzi left subtle messages throughout social media with hints about “Eternal Atake,” and months later, the 18-track album officially dropped. 


“Baby Pluto”

The first track on the album is “Baby Pluto,” which starts the record off with the high energies that we expect from Lil Uzi. Coming through with his original sounding beats, some baby noises and ad-libs, this song starts the album off right and was exactly what we were expecting from the artist. 

“Silly Watch”

“Silly Watch” is essentially about calling out the fake “flexers,” or people who pretend to have money and fame. Since Lil Uzi is staying consistent with the theme of flexing on the posers and haters, this song is perfect.

The artist says, “Got a Richard Mille, this is not a silly watch (woah)/ All this money makes me wan’ hit my Diddy Bop,” referring to his very expensive watch, and follows the verse with ”Make the haters sit back and just, um, think a lot/ I’m so lit, I could make your strip hot.” 

“Chrome Heart Tags”

“Chrome Heart Tags” is one of Lil Uzi’s classic love songs about someone that did him wrong; however, this time, he brags about having a chrome heart and remaining immune to heartbreak. The rapper laments, “I don’t ever want to talk about it/ I don’t ever want to see you/ Everybody, they been changing now.” Here, Lil Uzi establishes that he is not playing. 


Compared to most of this album’s theme, “Urgency” is a slower track, featuring R&B artist Syd. This track is more of a love song with a slow melody that still holds that unique Lil Uzi beat. The two in the song are singing about how their significant other is rare, with lines like “Know I need your love like you ain’t ever heard of me.” This song is a nice change of pace for the album and shows the versatility that the artist holds. 


Songs released in multiple parts are tricky. On one hand, they are always exciting, but on the other hand, they can leave the listener a little critical. “P2” is the second part to one of Lil Uzi’s most popular songs, “XO TOUR LIF3,” also known as “All my friends are dead.” Lil Uzi raps about showing those who have done him wrong that he is ready to show off his new successes, especially with the chorus, “I don’t really care ’cause I’m done/ On the real, our love is not fun/ There’s no emotion on my face ‘cause I’m numb/ You see me everywhere you look, no, you can’t hide or run.” 

“That Way”

“That Way” is a fun song that uses a sample from the Backstreet Boys’ massive hit single “I Want It That Way.” Lil Uzi talks about how he refuses to live a life that he isn’t happy with, and with the support of those around him, he will make sure that he stays true to himself. 

“Bigger Than Life”

In the high-energy song “Bigger Than Life,” Lil Uzi raps about his life after getting big in the rap game. With lyrics like “I done made so many millions,/ Ain’t nothin’ to think about,” he highlights the success that he has gained in the last couple years. According to Lil Uzi’s Twitter, this song is about how he made it through space. 

“Eternal Atake” was an album packed with a lot of uniqueness and versatility. Lil Uzi Vert really came through with a new spin while still bringing his original vibes. This was a very well-produced album and was a fresh start for the Philadelphia rapper who just recently signed with Jay-Z’s label, Roc Nation. 

Arrion Smith can be reached at or on Twitter @arriesmith__