Students reflect on Homecoming weekend at CSU

Emily Pisqui

The time has finally come for Homecoming week here at Colorado State University. It’s the time where students, staff and the Fort Collins community come together to share their Ram pride while creating wonderful memories. 

Homecoming is a week full of engaging activities throughout CSU’s campus. This is the time during the semester where students can mingle and participate in sharing their traditions or trying new things. Homecoming activities include the famous annual bonfire, a 5K run, a parade and more.


Whether people celebrate Homecoming with their family or the group of friends they’ve established at CSU, most students find a way to celebrate their first month in college (or back in college).

I love hearing about what Rams are doing as alumni and how they reconnect with the culture of campus.”-Colorado State University senior Sarah Szostak

As opposed to newer students, who may not have experienced enough of this campus to really get a feel for what Homecoming is all about, returning students reflect on what Homecoming weekend means to them. 

“Homecoming is a special and fun time of the semester because it entails a special togetherness aspect,” said Jessica Crowley, a junior at CSU. “I also view this week officially to kick off and welcome the fall season with good fun, good food and good company.” 

Crowley also expressed how excited she is for the football game and being able to show her family the side of her CSU experience that they do not normally get to see. 

“My family is just an hour away, so they come up for the game at the end of Homecoming week,” Crowley said. “We are (a) football-loving family, so I love to be able to enjoy the game with them by my side.” 

There are many activities people can do for Homecoming week, but Crowley recommends to try and attend everything that is going on.

“CSU does a great job putting on all these events,” Crowley said. “Go out enjoy this special time of the year and have fun!” 

For CSU senior Sarah Szostak, who is also a Ram Handler, the annual customs of Homecoming week give her a sense of pride and belonging. Working as a Ram Handler also gives her a pretty unique Homecoming experience. 

“Homecoming at CSU means getting to be part of the traditions that make the University so special,” Szostak said. “As a Ram Handler, I get to hear so many heartwarming stories from fellow Rams, and being part of the special University festivities makes me so proud to be a Ram.”

I look forward to it because it makes me excited for the rest of the school year.” -Colorado State University junior Ricky Esparza.

Szostak also mentioned how her role as a Ram Handler has become something she takes pride in. She said children regularly approach her when she is working with Cam, making her feel close to the Fort Collins community.


“I think this shows how close CSU is intertwined with the community and how our traditions bring the community together,” Szostak said. 

This year, Szostak wants to change what she did last year by interacting with people outside her friend group and getting to know more alumni.

“This year, I plan on interacting more with alumni and hearing stories from other people who love CSU,” Szostak said. “I love hearing about what Rams are doing as alumni and how they reconnect with the culture of campus.”

Other students find that Homecoming week is a good way to unwind and prepare for the more difficult weeks of the semester to come. 

“I look forward to it because it makes me excited for the rest of the school year,” said CSU junior Ricky Esparza. “I see this time as getting together with my friends and try to let loose and show my school spirit.”

Emily Pisqui can be reached at or on Twitter @emilypisq15.