Alessia Cara wraps up summer with new EP

Emily Pisqui

Canadian singer and songwriter Alessia Cara released her new EP “This Summer” on September 6. Cara has been in the music industry for quite some time and won a Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2018. Since her debut album, she released two full-length albums and a few remix EPs. Her latest EP consists of six songs to give us right before summer ends. 



The first track, “Ready,” starts off with a mellow reggae-pop feel. Depending on what is going on in your life, the song can be relatable. The chorus is catchy and perfect to sing along to with lyrics that feel very personal. After hearing the first song, her voice sounds more mature than her previous album.

“Ready” serves as a good preview of what is to come in the rest of the EP. 

“What’s On Your Mind?”

This song starts off with Cara singing in her lower tone that catches your attention through strong vocalization and harmonies. This chorus is also very catchy, and this song has more of a pop feel to it than the first song does. The lyrics can make the listener feel like what they are going through isn’t something they have to deal with alone. There is an intriguing shift to upbeat hip-hop at the end of the song. Cara shows her vocal range in this song.

My best friend said to me, ‘I know just what we need, a song of yours that we could feel ourselves to.’”-Alessia Cara, “OKAY OKAY”

“Like You”

As soon as this song begins, there is a unique sound that stands out.

There are many harmonic moments throughout, and it has a slow yet happy beat. This song is very jazzy while Cara showcases her softer vocals. 


This is a more uptempo beat with harmonies that blend very well together. The chorus is also quite catchy with an uplifting melody sequence. Cara shows her confidence throughout this song and wants to empower her listeners with the lyrics, “My best friend said to me, ‘I know just what we need, a song of yours that we could feel ourselves to.’”

‘This Summer’ can be streamed on Apple Music and Spotify.

“Rooting For You”


“Rooting For You” starts off with just the guitar playing and Cara’s soft voice. This is the biggest pop track on the EP. There is also a hip-hop influence to this song that makes it easy to listen to. Cara highlights the frustrating parts of being in a relationship in this song. 


“October” closes out the EP with a softer pop feeling to it. The drums and bass come together well in the beginning, creating a mellow vibe. The lyrics get more personal with this one. The beat is catchy and will make you want to move your head and take you somewhere peaceful, reminding you of the autumn days ahead of us. Harmonies are also put together, making the song feel more angelic. Cara ends it in a sweet and powerful way.

Alessia Cara is here to stay and her soft yet powerful unique voice is showcased throughout this EP. 

Rating: 8/10
Favorite Songs: “October” “Ready”
Least Favorite Songs: “Like You”

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